Why Goku Is Going to Lose at Tournament Of Power: The Master Plan !!

Hey guys This is me again. With a Brand new Theory/News about Dragon Ball Super .
This is only a Theory and worth a Go through , but based on where the series is headed, and some evidence I think I figured out a master plan of sorts, here it goes!

saiyan Master Plan

You might be thinking that Goku is the main character of the series , or Universe 7 can’t be erased because reasons. Remember I said, LOSE, not be ERASED! BUT Before you go posting, just read the whole article.

The Grand Priest wants to rebel against Zeno. I don’t know why he would, but let’s just say that him and his children are tired of their jobs, just look at the smile on the angel’s face in episode 98. It’s pretty much a given. The idea that angels or Kai’s can be corrupted in looking down on the weak, is evident in Zamasu. It is possible.

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The whole point of the Zamasu arc, was to set up this exact situation with two equal powers annihilating each other. Remember that it is forbidden for mortals to go back in time.

But for reasons, due to an alternate timeline, Goku and Vegeta have to go forward in time to deal with Future Zamasu and Goku Black. Before he went, they meet Zeno. Zeno has such a good time with Goku he gives him a tool to call upon him when needed. It can’t be coincidence. The Grand Priest allowing a small time fighter like Goku meeting the Zeno? It’s all a set up! A Master Plan.

Why do you think the Grand Priest didn’t have a surprise look on his face when Goku meet him? Or when he found Future Zeno and brought him to the palace? The way he reacts, is evident that he was expecting this situation to happen, as if he was planning it. He knew that Future Zeno wasn’t supposed to be in the current timeline, because that would mean that he broke his own rule, traveling to the past, but allows this anyway? THINK! WHY!


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Zeno is more powerful than the angels or the Grand Priest. So how do you kill Zeno? With another Zeno of course! Both of these Zeno’s have equal power. Except, there is one thing that the current Zeno posses that the other one doesn’t. A moral relationship with Goku. So if one Zeno favors destruction of Goku, (the alternate timeline Zeno), and the other one is against destroying Goku, (Current or present Zeno) these two will either destroy each other or cancel themselves out because Zeno cares about Goku.

Why Goku Is Going to Lose at Tournament Of Power: The Master Plan

Future Zeno on the other hand has already destroyed Universe 7 in another timeline, so he has no emotional connection to either Goku or current Universe 7 at all. This relationship between Goku and Zeno is the exact reason why there will be a future conflict. Ironically, if Goku never meet Zeno, this would have never happened. All be a part of Master Plan.

Why Goku Is Going to Lose at Tournament Of Power: The Master Plan

I’m going to call it now: Goku and Universe 7 are going to lose this Tournament to set up this conflict between the Zeno’s. Who benefits? The Angels and the Grand Priest. The Grand Priest is the most powerful being along with his angels . He is jealous of Zenos power. He can be jealous or envious, hence why he stated “I envy Universe 7”. They are capable of emotional corruption.

Why Goku Is Going to Lose at Tournament Of Power: The Master Plan

The Zamasu Arc, the Tournament of Power, and Goku being a Pawn, was all a set up by the Grand Priest to take power. This is literally, God vs Lucifer, 2.0, Dragon ball edition.

This is why Goku and Universe 7 will lose, because it’s all going according to master plan of THE DAISHINKAN.

This is all for today..
What do you think about this ?
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  1. It’s a nice theory, really. what i’m countering against isn’t knocking off your theory at all, just pointing out what seems to be kinda off and making my own suggestions. I will be jumping around abit, so please excuse the scattered points.

    Any who, first off your right about the Zeno killing Zeno thing. If anybody was to make a plan and enact it that would probably be the first step towards doing so and all of your other points make perfect sense until we start looking at the motive for coupin zeno in the first place.

    The grand priest and all the other angels (to which we have met) don’t seem bothered by the jobs they were created for and infact find them pleasant after doing them for so long i’d imagine they take some sort of comfort or interest in doing what they do. Zeno, the grand priest and the angels don’t even exist until after the tournament for the super dragon balls which peaked their interest enough to summon Zeno and we know how the story goes from there.

    Fast forward to trunks in the spotlight and we get another zeno, like you said and goku takes him to see the zeno of the past. Why is the grand priest the only one not alarmed? It’s possible another situation like this occurred on a smaller scale and he’s seen it before, relief from not having to constantly entertain Zeno as much as he used to or it could possibly be just surprising to him and his reaction differs from how we would normally do so.

    Also, goku receiving the button was purely coincidence. I could see if the grand priest gave it to him, but it was the grand priest who thought it was kinda unwise for the two to mingle even though it would help and keep thing interesting thinking on a positive note i’m pretty sure his thought process weighed both rational and irrational possibilities from goku having the ability to summon THE GOD any time anywhere and simply put his faith in his creator at some point.

    Also, I wouldn’t be too surprised either meeting any mortal as said by Beerus, there is a mortal out there as strong as the gods themselves. wouldn’t this be something to peak zeno interest for a brief moment because it’s something unheard of thus making an appearance to his palace some time or another. But that’s all hypothetical, even then meeting anybody shouldn’t be too surprising considering your status as head angel and how you basically spend your days entertaining your creator, a mere mortal isn’t enough to scare you.

    Then it was the creepy smirks the angels gave off. If you’ve been doing your job for a shit long time and suddenly something crazy happens and your told you don’t gotta work for a minute because of somebody else mess? I’d be cheering for U7 to whoop em. Then you gotta think about the entertaining factor, this tournament is supposed to be for entertainment in the first place, if the angels have a sick sense of humor then well…who are we to judge them I mean just look at U7 internet history

    Finally the conflict of the Zeno’s. Highly unlikely for a variety of reasons. The main one being that while goku could be a potential catalyst for them to go into conflict…nah it’s not. If you recall before the tournament of power preliminary rounds started and goku had another audience with zeno you could CLEARLY see that Zeno gave no fucks about erasing goku and planned on doing so from the jump even with this establishment of friendship. Because goku came up with the tournament idea he was spared from erasure but the Zeno of the present isn’t so easily bound to a person it’s met briefly that only serves to entertain it.

    Then you look at the friendship between the two zeno’s. They both seem to enjoy another’s company pretty well and wouldn’t want to jeopardize that as they both probably know that they are the only two things capable of entertaining the other on their level of entertainment.

    Is it possibly for U7 to lose on other terms? ABSOLUTELY, if you really want to make an article on how you can look into tactics and how much energy the main ball players have wasted thus far that puts them at a significant disadvantage to the heavy hitters of the tournament. The grand priest said so himself that everybody is tired and that the real battles are just beginning and all the little sick ones are off the playing field (excluding 3 from U7 due to potential favoritism or he could be basing himself on raw abilities and techniques).


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