“Why Vegeta hate Goku Continuation”

Goku was the exact opposite as he is a powerful warrior, with no regard for power and very compassionate.Vegeta was the prince of all Saiyans and was a higher class of Saiyan by birth. On the other hand, Goku (or by his birth name Kakarot) was a low class Saiyan by Birth.

Vegeta hate Goku

Vegeta had a big ego complex as a result: He was the prince of all saiyans and in the future, if Freeza did not blew-up Planet Vegeta, he would have become the King of all Saiyans, after his father.

So naturally, he wanted to be the best saiyan possible and to be that, he has to be the strongest. His high-class birth was “supposed” to reflect the same. It means that he can surpass and achieve higher levels of strength and power than what can be possible by a lower class saiyan like Goku. While he trained and perfected to become stronger and stronger, it was a big blow to his ego when he saw Goku for the first time (After Goku returns from King Kai’s planet) who was able to fight Vegeta on an equal footing and man-handle Nappa. This was further aggravated by the fact that Goku was not even strong enough to handle Raditz a year ago.

Vegeta hate Goku

This hurt Vegeta’s ego: How can a low class saiyan who was no match against Raditz was able to power-up to his level in a span of 1 year? This is something even Vegeta could not achieve.

Added to that, in the subsequent fight in Planet Namet where he man-handled the Ginyu Force, Goku surpassed so much that it was unfathomable to Vegeta. To add fuel to fire, Goku became the first Legendary Super-Saiyan in thousands of years and defeated Freeza. This feat, as per Vegeta’s view was supposed to be achieved by Vegeta because of his high-class birth and training and was supposed to be a far-fetched goal for Goku.

Vegeta hate Goku

As the series progressed, Goku kept on raising the bar for Vegeta, by ascending his powers to become the second Super-Saiyan 2, first Super-Saiyan 3 and even the first Super Saiyan 4 (if you take Dragon Ball GT into consideration). Added to that, Goku retained and practiced restraint when needed against a warrior attitude of Vegeta. For Goku, as he grew stronger, his power did not went into his head and at the same time, gave chances for others to improve. For Vegeta, as he grew stronger, his power went into his head and avoids giving chances to others.

Vegeta hate Goku

It is only when he understood the fact that Goku was a separate league of Saiyan (after becoming Super Saiyan 3 and fighting toe-to-toe with Kid Buu) did he completely accepted the fact that he cannot surpass Goku. At that time, Vegeta achieved Super-Saiyan 2 stage and was mastering the level, while Goku ascended to Super-Saiyan 3 and already mastered it quite well.

Vegeta hate Goku

And we also saw the same thing in Dragon Ball Super! When Goku went Super Saiyan Blue x Kaio-ken and Vegeta was just gazing a look at it. Well, Let’s hope that Vegeta will also get a new form that no one ever achieved!!

Now that’s all for Today.
These were my views on why Vegeta hate Goku! Thank you for Reading.
I will be back soon with some more blogs and theories. Till then “O wakare” (Farewell in Japanese)

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