Why does Vegeta hate Goku so much?

Vegeta hate GokuWell, Alongside Goku, Vegeta is also a protagonist for the Anime Series Dragon Ball. They both grew strong together, Gained power, Trained hard and finally achieved the power of a Super Saiyan God. And, their power isn’t really at its end! They are going to reach beyond this power. Now, Coming back to the Topic, Why Vegeta hate Goku so Much?

Vegeta hate Goku

Honestly speaking, he does not hate Goku. He could not accept the fact that another Saiyan exists who can surpass him big time. It is because of pride and ego. The fundamental problem for Vegeta is that he was raised to “believe” that he is the Prince of all Saiyans and that because of his high-class birth, he was eligible to achieve pinnacles of power while others cannot.What he was delusional to see is that talent and hard work are entirely different and have nothing to do with the “Birth Class” of Saiyans.
Vegeta hate Goku

Vegeta is very hard working, dedicated and a talented warrior. While on the other hand, Goku was more or less the same hard working as that of Vegeta, but is naturally more talented. Added to that, Vegeta’s motivation was to be the best among all Saiyans and that means he should stand taller than others. So, if by chance, Vegeta becomes the best among all fighters, then he might stop training. Seeing someone stronger than him annoys him and motivates him with ego.

Vegeta hate Goku

On the other hand, Goku’s motivation was to the best version of himself and that meant he wanted to be stronger than who he was in the past. So, he never stops training. Seeing someone stronger than him is seen by him as a challenge to push himself further. In a few ways, Goku is the contrasting view of a “Saiyan” Vegeta had in his mind- Vegeta believed that a Saiyan is a ruthless warrior who is hungry for power and not-so compassionate.

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