Why Almighty Zeno Sama Have Bodyguards ?


If Zeno is the Invincible One (The One above All), Why He still needs Bodyguards?

Hi guys it’s Slazo Rx and in this blog we are going to talk about If Zeno-sama is invincible why he still needs bodyguard so without any further delays let’s get started.

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We all know that Zeno-sama is the strongest being in the whole multiverse but even if he is the strongest that doesn’t mean that he can fight actually, he is not much of a fighter and I don’t even think he has ever trained in his life and during the Hit vs Dyspo fight, he was not even able to see Dyspo moving at all that leads me to believe that Zeno just isn’t a good fighter.

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Zeno King is naive he has a childish mind and feels anger, irritation, rage like a normal person and a evil guy like Freeza could take advantage of it and can misuse his powers.

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Even if Zeno King have incomparable power maybe even more then Super Shenron but from what we have seen he is not physically strong, without bodyguard some one can harm or trick him for Example – captain ginyu’s body shifting power if some one used that kind of power on Zeno it would be terrible.

The guards make sure that no one offends Zeno King so that Zeno King don’t destroy the whole multiverse.

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They’re always with him, trying to protect him. Why else must the strongest being in the Universe have a bodyguard? Of course, this could be because of the fact that he cannot defend himself against every attack.

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