Shingeki No Kyojin: Who is the Ninth Titan?

Hi, what’s up guys? Today, I am here with the material all Attack on Titan fans, especially Manga Readers, want to know. Yep, today I am going to tell you who is the Final Titan Shifter among the Nine Titans. If you don’t wanna be spoiled, I suggest you to stop reading!


Anime Watchers don’t even have an idea about Nine Titans. But there’s a possibility that Season 3 shows ‘Eren’s Basement’. Because you have seen Mikasa, Eren and Armin (at the ocean) in the teaser of S3. Or maybe this was just for ploy.

However, Manga Readers knows fully well about the Nine Titans. In case you don’t know, I’ll tell you a brief summary about it:

After Ymir Fritz (The Original Titan) died, completing her 13 years, she split into Nine different titans collectively called “Nine Titans”. Each of the titan has a unique ability and strength. Some possess powers that lacks other. If all the Nine titans are to combine, they’ll form the Original Titan (Ymir Fritz).
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In manga, 8 titans have been introduced, their brief introduction is given here:

1. Assault Titan:

Wrath of the Titan, Shingeki no kyojin fan art, Attack on titanThis is also known as ‘Attacker’ or ‘Attack Titan’. This titan has fought for the sake of Eldia for generations.
All known holders of Assault Titan are Eren Kruger, Grisha Yeager and Eren Yeager.

2. Armored Titan:

Image result for armored titanThis titan has a hard plates of armored skin in his body. This skin is very hard to cut. But now Survey Corps have made some weapons capable of penetrating it.
Reiner Braun is the only known holder. After Reiner, mostly Gabi or Falco have chances of obtaining this titan.

3. Collosal Titan:

Attack on Titan { aka Shingeki no Kyojin } ~~ The naming confuses people, but the awesomeness doesn't.It is most notably known for it’s incredible size about 60 m. It also ejects steam from his collosal body.
It’s previous holder was Bertolt Hoover. Current holder is Armin Arlert.

4. Female Titan:

Image result for female titanShe has an ability of attracting mindless titans towards herself at small range. She was also given the ability to harden her body parts.
Only known user of this titan is Annie Leonhart.

5. Founding Titan:

Grisha Jaeger vs Frieda Reiss<< damn he was one ugly titanFounding Titan is one of the major among Nine Titans. It can control the behavior of other titans. Also, it has the ability to inherit the memory of all the former holders. It is also used to erase the memory of Eldians.
It’s former holders are 145th King, Mr. Reiss, Uri Reiss, Frieda Reiss and Grisha Yeager. It’s current holder is Eren Yeager.

6. Beast Titan:

Image result for beast titan hdThis has a beast appearance. Current holder is Zeke Yeager. Under Zeke, it has the ability to have a crude control over Mindless Titans. Zeke’s titan has the ability to convert Eldians into Titans without using Titan Serum (probably because of his Royal Blood). Moreover, it can also throw large substances with accurate aims (It’s not confirmed whether it’s the ability of Beast titan itself or Zeke Yeager)

7. Jaw Titan:

Image result for jaw titanAs name implies, it possesses the powerful Jaw strength. Also, they have more speed and agility.
It’s former holders were Marcel Galliard and Ymir. It’s current holder is Porco Galliard.

8. Cartman:

latest (400×608)Also called Quadrupedal Titan. It possesses devastating speed making it faster among other titans. It’s true abilities are still unknown though. It also have the ability of Speech like Zeke’s Beast Titan.
It’s only known holder is Pieck.

You may know most of these titans. But, Ninth Titan is the one that most people want to know about. Therefore, today I am going to answer this question.

Now, coming to the topic “Who’s the Ninth Titan?”
Let’s start it!

• War Hammer Titan

The Ninth Titan is the War Hammer Titan. Yes, you read it Correct.
In the latest chapter (95), it was stated that Tybur Family is the one that possesses the War Hammer Titan. During the Great Titan War, Tybur family was first to oppose the 145th Fritz king. After that, they vowed to serve Marley as honorable Marleyans. War Hammer Titan remained in the possession of Tybur Family for the rest of century. However, even though they possessed it, this titan was never used in any kind of battles throughout the century. Now, we don’t know whether they’ll help Marleyans in the war or not!
The actual abilities and strength of War Hammer Titan are unknown for now. But let me put some of my ideas based on it’s name:
If we consider it’s name ‘War Hammer’, we can probably guess that this Titan is like some kind of hammer capable of breaking the hardest objects in existence. Or since there is a word ‘War’ in it, we can also get it as some kind of Hammer used in battling (not a hammer literally, but maybe a hammer wielder), just like there are knights and swordsmen. This is just my theory, let’s wait for next chapters to get more information on War Hammer Titan.

With the release of Chapter 95, it’s confirmed that the Ninth Titan is War Hammer Titan. Still, I’ll put some more theories that also seemed possible (Before chapter 95)!

• Rod Reiss’ Titan Form

Do you remember Rod Reiss? In case you don’t, he was the father of Historia Reiss. In the manga, you may have seen his titan form. That titan form wasn’t a mindless titan nor it was any of the other 8 titans. It’s body height was more than Colossal Titan and it ejected heat.
Rod Reiss Transformation in Colossal TitanIt was similar to the Colossal Titan in many aspects, but it was different from it in size and the level of his colossus form. He was almost Double the size of Colossal Titan. Moreover, two Colossal Titans cannot exist at the same time (As Bertolt was Colossal Titan too). So, it may have been possible that the Ninth Titan was Rod Reiss’ Titan.
Image result for rod reiss titanYou know that after the Great Titan War, 145th King went to island. At that time, Marleyans were able to get 7 out of 9 titans in the War. Only the Founding Titan has been shown to be in the control of Paradis Eldians. The form Rod Reiss shown was different from other Titans, so it maybe a fact that this was the second titan in possession of Eldia besides the Founding Titan. Also, Founding Titan was possessed by Frieda, while this titan was possessed by Rod Reiss. So, it means that this titan was also passed from generation to generation in the Royal Family. Though it is said to be a Mindless Titan. But there’s no official information on this type of titan (about why Rod Reiss turned into this instead of a usual Mindless Titan), let’s hope Isayama Sensei to tell us some of it’s background.

• Wall Titans

Related imageMost of you know very well about the Wall Titans. These titans were used to create 50 m walls. This cannot be done by a Normal/Mindless Titan. Hardening Ability is a special trait found only in some of the Nine Titans. So, it’s huge possibility that the second titan that Marley could not acquire (after the Great Titan War) was the titan capable of building these walls. We saw the preview of Wall Titan in Episode 25. As you know that there is a group of people who have their religion on these Walls. So, they must know something about it.
So, ‘Wall Titan is the Ninth Titan’ is another theory that could have been possible!

Alright guys! That’s it for today!
Thanks for Reading “Who’s the Ninth Titan?”!
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  1. It would make sense if the Marley government counted the Warhammer Titan as one of its assets just for the sake of their public image, even though that family is the one that is controlling it.

    The rest of this reply is only valid for the questions before chapter 95 as a counter-argument to those theories.

    Well, the two titans that Marley didn’t get were the Founding Titan, obviously, and maybe the Attack Titan.

    And about Rod Reiss’ titan form, if you read the chapter 87 of the manga, around the page 33, the Marleyan officer that was together with Eren “The Owl” Krueger, said that he would adjust the dosage to make the titan that would eat Grisha into a 3-4 meters class.

    This implies that one can control the size of the titan that will be created by the serum.

    So, the most logical conclusion based on facts is: Rod Reiss only became that big because of the dosage of the serum he took.

    Also, do you remember how Eren gained the ability to harden?

    There was a flask inside Rod Reiss belongings that said Armored, like some kind of essence taken from the Armored Titan.

    The content of the flask was injected inside Eren’s body, giving him the ability of hardening.

    So is pretty easy to assume that the wall titans were made by the essence of the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan.

    Then you ask me: “Why the Colossal Titan, since yourself said that dosage of the serum can make a titan with double the size of the Colossal Titan?”.

    The answer is simple: skin.

    The titan form of Rod Reiss had skin, while the Colossal has none in the same manner the wall titans don’t have too.

    The royal blood of Rod Reiss may have something that influenced his abnormal titan form, but it was probably a overdose.


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