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Now, coming to the topic. First of all, you know that Captain Erwin died in the Battle, so first change of all is that the Current Captain of the Survey Corps is Hange Zoe. Yes, it is correct. Erwin said that the Next Commander of the Survey Corps will be Hange, so it is confirmed that Hange is the Current Commander.

What is happening Inside The Paradis Island?The upcoming content contains my own fan-theory.
We have been seeing that Marleyans are trying to capture the titans that they lost. At first, all the titans (except Original Titan) were under the control of Marleyans. But when they attacked the Walls, they lost 2 of their titans (Female and Colossal). Assault Titan was already in Eldian’s hands.
Also, not only Marleyans, but Eldians are also progressing and producing new equipment for defeating Titans.
Besides this, the new Corps may have been recruited, which have increased the number of Survey Corps Member (As you know that most of them were lost in the fight against Beast Titan).What is happening Inside The Paradis Island?Also, it may be possible that all the Titans in the Paradis Island have been demolished. Yes, you may find it a bit weird but it is possible. Survey Corps found the truth about how titans originate and are sent the Paradis Island. Moreover, Corps also found the ocean i.e. the place where the Eldians were turned into titans. And now Inside Eldians have a control over that place, so there’s no way that more Eldains can be converted to titans. And for the remaining titans, Survey Corps may have finished them or maybe saved somehow (As Hange is the Commander, you know how much he/she loves titans 😆)

So, inside the Walls, there’s probably No Threat of Titans anymore.
Moreover, it is possible that Humanity has achieved much more using the Eren’s Hardening Abilities, and as Armin is a Collosal Titan, so it is impossible for anyone to break the wall again (Atleast a hole that allows a titan to enter).

What is happening Inside The Paradis Island?And one thing is also that Female Titan (Annie) is still in the hardened state, so it may be possible that someone has acquired her Female Titan Powers. But this theory don’t prove to be much effective because Inner Walls have no more Titan Serum. But if we consider the fact that she dies somehow and someone is born inside the Walls possessing the Female Titan Powers, it is possible. Because Zeke mentioned that no Female Titan is found among the Eldians living there.
Now, coming to some fun facts. I am going to ship some characters together, mostly people have their own couples, so don’t hate me for anything. It’s just a Fan-Theory 😄😅
Do you think that the Survey Corps Members are going to get married in future? For me, I seriously wants to see some couples. For example, what if Eren and Mikasa married 😍? I know that Mikasa is his Adoptive Sister (but not real sister tho).

What is happening Inside The Paradis Island? We know that Eren don’t have much years left to live (As he contained the power of two of Nine Titans). So, it is possible that Mikasa somehow asks him to get together for the remaining time. Also, who is going to get the powers Eren possess after his death? Probably his son. So, what if, new Chapters are waiting some couples and their kids for us? It would be Awesome, Won’t it? 😉

And that’s it for now!
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