Dragon Ball Super – “Tournament of Power” Results.

Dragon Ball Super – “Tournament of Power” Results.: Hello Everyone. I’m back with a new Blog and this time I’m gonna write it in Parts because my Blogs were way too long to Read. So this time I’m gonna write about how the “Tournament of Power” that’s gonna take place in the most anticipated Anime of all Times “Dragon Ball Super”. Well one thing is for Sure that we’ll have a tremendous amount of fun in this Tournament.

Dragon Ball Super - "Tournament of Power" Results. dragon ball super

Well ever since Frieza is back , Dragon Ball Super has been very Interesting to watch and that’s why I’ve been thinking about it a lot latel. I went through the various Tournaments that took place in the Previous Series i.e Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z (Not GT because it’s Non Canon and it doesn’t matter because No Tournament took place in it). Just like the Pokemon Leagues the Tournaments created by Toriyama have always been fun to watch and have some unexpected end. Well this time in the Upcoming Tournament not only the lives of the Participants is at stake (because if they fall from the Stage then they’ll get Erased out of Existence Immediately) but their Universe’s Existence is also at stake, so everyone’s gonna give it all they’ve got. Here are Some Possible Results of the Tournament :

Dragon Ball Super - "Tournament of Power" Results. Golden Frieza

1. This one’s the most Obvious one of all the one’s that I thought of and most of the Fans are already expecting this to Happen . According to this one Universe 7 manages to win the Tournament (The Most Obvious Part) and they’ll use the Super Dragon Balls to get all the loosing Universes back to Existence and to resurrect everyone that Died in the Tournament.

Dragon Ball Super - "Tournament of Power" Results super shenron

2. This is the Second Most Obvious one according to me. It’s similar to the First One but in this one Universe 7 looses and Universe 11 Wins ( The one to which Jiren and Toppo Belong ) and does the same thing . I thought of this one on looking back at Dragon Ball because in Dragon Ball, Goku won the Tenkaichi Budokai after loosing two times – First to Master Roshi and then to Tien and also Goku lost to Hit in the Previous Tournament, so, It’s been a thing for Toriyama to show Goku loose to a Person in a Tournament and make him Goku’s Rival  and showing them fighting after the Tournament when Goku has Trained himself (Just Goku’s fight with Hit ).

Dragon Ball Super - "Tournament of Power" Results goku vs jiren

Well I’ve already told you about the most Obvious ones in this Blog and I will tell you about some new ones in my Next Blog. So Thank You for Reading and Stay Tuned until I come back.

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Thank You for Reading and Have a Nice Day Ahead!.


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