Dragon Ball Super: Team Leader of Each Universe!

Sup guys?! How are y’all doing? Today, I’m listing down the Team Leaders of every Universe in the Tournament of Power!
You usually know about Universe 7 and Universe 11, that are Gohan and Jiren respectively. But, most of you don’t know who are leading the other Universes. So, I’m here with the same stuff today!!
Few days ago, we got a page scan from V-Jump magazine, where they introduced the fighters of all the Universes participating in the Tournament. Along with this, their Leaders were also explained! Let’s take a look at this scan showing the warriors (and their leaders)!
From above, you all have known about each Universe’s Leader!
Now, let me explain each of them according to the Universe Order:

Universe 2 › Ribrianne

Image result for ribrianne gifBrianne de Chateau (ブリアン・デ・シャトー, Burian de Shatō) is a warrior and Team Leader of Universe 2 Team, and the leader of the Kamikaze Fireballs. When transforming into a Magical Girl, she becomes Magical Girl Ribrianne (リブリアン, Riburian).

Image result for ribrianne gif

She believes love and happiness are the most important emotions. She also has a low tolerance for insults. Brianne values her teammmates as seen when she is angry at 17 for defeating Kakunsa and Vikal.

Universe 3 › Papproni

Image result for universe 3 papproniPaparoni (パパロニ Paparoni) is the Team Leader of Universe 3 Team. He controls all of the artificially intelligent machine lifeforms on Team Universe 3.

Image result for dragon ball super 96Paparoni appears to be very confident as seen when he expertly twirls his staff while his team is being announced by the Great Priest.

Universe 4 › Ganos

Related imageGanos (ガノス Ganosu) is the Team Leader of Universe 4 Team. His fighting style includes tricky and agile movements.

Image result for universe 4 ganos gif

He is a very loyal and respectful subordinate to the Gods of his universe reporting any information he can gather to him as his spy. He is also perceptive and intelligent. During battle, he is shown to have a very high sense of caution since he quickly withdrew from his fight against Goku after Goku manages to withstand his Ki Blast Barrage with little difficulty.

Universe 6 › Hit

Image result for universe 6 hitHit (ヒット Hitto), known as “Hit the Infallible” and as the “Legendary Assassin” is the legendary assassin of Universe 6. He is the Team Leader of Universe 6 Team.Image result for universe 6 hit gif Hit is stoic and composed, constantly appearing emotionless and indifferent to most events. Hit also seems to be confident in his abilities. Showing a very no-nonsense attitude, he is straight to the point and speaks no more than necessary. Despite his profession, he does not approve of the idea of people being demeaned and treated as pawns.

Universe 7 › Gohan

Image result for dbs ending 9As you all already know, Gohan is the Team Leader of Universe 7 Team.
He don’t need any kind of introduction, as we all know fully well about him already.

Image result for dbs gohan gifAt the start of Dragon Ball Super, he didn’t get to have any spotlight chance. But, it seems now that Tournament of Power is going to excite the Gohan Fans. Goku chose him as a Leader because of his skills, and as everyone know that he can guide everyone to the victory.

Universe 9 › Bergamo

Image result for dbs bergamoBergamo (ベルガモ Berugamo), known as “Bergamo the Crusher“, was a member of Trio De Dangers, a team of sibling fighters from Universe 9. He was the Team Leader of Universe 9 Team.
Image result for dbs bergamo triangle gifBergamo is also shown to have explicit honor, respect, and decency especially towards his brothers as shown when they proudly states their brotherly bonds and also when he was defeated his brothers quickly came to the rescue showing that they care for him. He is highly respectful to the gods and deities, calling them by their titles.

Universe 10 › Jirasen

Jirasen (ジラセン) was the Team Leader of Universe 4 Team.

Not much of Jirasen’s personality is shown in the show, but supplemental material states that he is a narcissist. He seems very confident on his abilities and is shown always posing in a very effeminate way, holding a rose and smiling seductively. When his universe is about to be erased, he, like the rest of his teammate, closes his eyes and accepts his fate.

Universe 11 › Jiren

Related image

Jiren (ジレン), known as “Jiren The Gray” is a member of the Pride Troopers and the Team Leader of Universe 11 Team. He is said to be the strongest member of Team Universe 11.

Related imageJiren is shown to be very stoic and serious about the tournament, as he knows that his entire universe is at stake, this was shown when he did not perform a pose like his teammates and when he told Goku to get lost when he tried to greet him. Jiren also appears to be a quiet person as he remained silent and only spoke when he told Goku to get lost, and before and after he attacked Kale. He is a brave individual. However, it is possible that he is a rather cold individual, as seen when he had absolutely no visual distress or shock at the erasure of Universe 9. Or he may have simply hid his emotions from his teammates to show that he was still calm and collected.

Alright, that’s it for now!
Thanks for reading this!

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