Did Dragon Ball Super Just Revealed Kafla’s Power Level?


Did Dragon Ball Super Just Revealed Kafla’s Power Level?

Howdy Everyone, I’m here with another blog and this time I will be covering up the latest spoilers recently revealed by our sources, before starting let me tell you that the sources are completely reliable and trusted over internet so there’s no chance for it not to happen.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 will air on 28/29 October and it’ll cover up a little fight between Goku and the Universe 6’s saiyans.

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And, What’s more? Dragon Ball Super is bringing back the form even Akira Toriyama forgot about. Yes, it’s the Super Saiyan 3. The reason why they didn’t bring it back in Dragon Ball Super (Not always, generally they skip it and they made an excuse of it draining the stamina. Well, the most genuine reason behind this is budget (Yup it’s hard to draw Super Saiyan 3 and even If they draw it, there are a lot Animation mistakes so, it was better to skip it)

Anyways, coming back to the main thing.

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We got spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Episode 114. And, If you hate spoilers then you should stop reading now.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 Title : Ghastly!, Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior”


Further growth! Kale’s great transformation!

Through her desire to be of use to Caulifla, Kale successfully controls her true power! And then Champa teaches the two of them a secret technique…?!

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Now, we aren’t still sure that Champa really did teach them the fusion technique. But if we match things up and join both the spoilers for Episode 114 and 115 of Dragon Ball Super then you guys will realize that the secret technique Champa will teach to Kale and Caulifla will result in Kafla. And, as my friend @GovetaXV on twitter did a translation. It was confirmed that Kafla is the merged name of Kale and Caulifla.


What make me think of their power level is because the technique is straight coming from a God. There is difference in teaching methods of mortals and gods and the power achieved by the training will be different, of course. (For example: Master Roshi and Whis, both of them are Goku’s teachers. Whis san’s training gave Goku and Overwhelming amount of strength and stamina much more than Master Roshi.)

Kale’s berserk power and Caulfla’s planned technique will indeed make a great fusion. Let’s just hope it won’t be a bluff and we might seriously see some tremendous amount of power in Dragon Ball Super.

Jiren by rmehedi
Jiren by rmehedi

Well, that’s all for today. Thanks for Reading.

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