Noragami Season 3 Expected to be Aired on Fall 2017

Noragami Season 3 is one of the most foresee series for anime fans right now, and as for now it has a lot questions to be answered. The first season of the anime series came in January 2014 and had a total of 12 episodes. The second season of Noragami Aragoto was premiered in October 2015 and had a total of 13 episodes.

Noragami Season 3


Noragami Season 3We all know that the Company which produced Noragami (Bones Studio) was facing some economic problems, The company hasn’t solved all the issues yet but it can be said that they really are in budget to make an anime for now. And they are focused in completing the story of Half-Left Anime’.

The official Website gave a statement that ” Noragami Season 3, Not much possible, as company is facing a lot economic problems right now( Said this in 2016) , so there are fair chances for Noragami Season 3 to be aired between March 2017 to August 2018. And Most Expectedly,  Season 3 of Noragami will be airing near Fall 2017.

Noragami Season 3

At present, the manga of anime series has a total of 71 chapters and reportedly only first 38 chapters were used for the story of season 1 and 2.
So, practically two more seasons could be created using rest of the chapters. This sounds amazing for the Fans waiting for Noragami Season 3.

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