Dragon Ball Super: New Arc Features “The Strongest Mortal”

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Dragon Ball Super: New Arc Features “The Strongest Mortal” (Said by Whis in Dragon Ball Super Episode 93) Check it out here …

Howdy Minna, Whats up? I guess you guys are keeping up with Dragon Ball Super. If not, then I guess this blog isn’t for you to read right now. You should watch the episodes first. Well, If you guys watched Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 then you probably know about The Strongest Mortal I’m referring to.

The Strongest Mortal OtakuVerse TheSpoilerGuy Dragon Ball Super

What you guys think? Who is the Strongest Mortal that can’t even be defeated by a God of Destruction. Well there are generally Three Options to these words:

  • Goku is that Strongest Mortal, Because, Goku’s strength is increasing, So he already surpassed Beerus. (It’s one of the stupidest option but still there are 0.1% chances for it to hold true).
  • Jiren is the one, The one who is strongest then Vermouth, Destruction God of Universe 11. (I will cover up this topic, soon)
  • That Mortal lives in the remaining 4 Universe that are not participating in Tournament of Power.

The Strongest Mortal OtakuVerse TheSpoilerGuy Jiren Universe 11

Now, If you guys will say that Jiren is the one who is the strongest mortal and is even stronger than his God of Destruction then believe me, Most probably, you are wrong! Why? Because there isn’t a Main Villain in this arc. It’s like all 80 fighters gotta fight to survive and everyone except Goku’s Team Member is a Villain in this arc. And, If they will include everything in just one arc then Dragon Ball Super will end in 40-50 more episodes. They are just planning to reveal more and more about the next arcs. So, we can get hype within us and focus on Each and Every Dragon Ball Super Episode.

The Strongest Mortal OtakuVerse TheSpoilerGuy Saiyan Powerful Rage

Wait, you guys are probably Reading theories on “The Evil Angels” or something. Come-on guys think of it again. Grand Priest is one of the Strongest Person in Dragon Ball Super. I’m not saying he can’t be an antagonist, I’m just saying He will be an antagonist when Dragon Ball Super will wrap up itself. Because Antagonists are generally a lot stronger than our heroes. (According to all the villains we saw in the past) So this just clears that Grand Priest is not a Main Villain for this arc.

The Strongest Mortal OtakuVerse TheSpoilerGuy Daishinkan Evil BEerus scary afraid

Other than that, The Most possible chance is that The Villain belongs to one of the remaining universes that aren’t fighting in Tournament of Power. And, he could be the Villain in Next Arc. W-Wait, You ask why? We all know, Everything is said on purpose when it comes to Dragon Ball Super. At first, people were saying Super Saiyan God is a bluff (According to Beerus’ Dream) And later it seemed to hold true. Same goes for this fact. Akira Toriyama, On purpose made Whis say about “The Strongest Mortal” so we can get hype and think about that Strongest Mortal. And he will indeed reveal some kind of episode on that. The Strongest Mortal won’t fade away like the GS Ball in Pokemon.

The Strongest Mortal OtakuVerse TheSpoilerGuy Zeno art vs Goku

And, If the mortal fighter that Whis was attributing to belongs to one of those four universes, then most probably fans won’t be able to see “The Strongest Mortal” until the Tournament of Power has ended. Being a warrior who is stronger than a God of Destruction, means that “The Strongest Mortal” may flourish on fighting; similar to Goku. Appropriately, this unknown fighter may wish to meet or battle with the winner of the Tournament of Power, as Goku would want to do as well.

Image result for universe 12 god of destruction

Whis hasn’t mentioned this fighter again since and had left out whether or not this character was good to bad, which could also result in a new villain. However, fans must also remember that the God’s of Destruction all vary in strength, which means that this fighter may not be stronger than all the gods, just simply some of them. It is likely that the Tournament of Power will bring this unknown fighter out from wherever he/she is, which will likely be after this arc.

The Strongest Mortal OtakuVerse TheSpoilerGuy Monaka Fight

Well, That’s all for today. Thanks for Reading!

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