How do Blackbeard Pirates Steal devil fruits?


How do Blackbeard Pirates Steal devil fruits?

Howdy Minna, Well I won’t do much of an introduction for this blog, unlike other blogs. Marshall D Teach aka Blackbeard, is one of the most powerful and indeed an interesting Villain. The Speech he gave about Pirates and and people’s dreams seriously made my day. Now without anymore delays, Let us begin with Today’s Topic:

Remember Blackbeard shown us an ability we never thought that it existed.

How do they really Steal devil fruits? What y’guys think? Well Most Probably, with the use of his Yami Yami no Mi or with another way we can only guess about (that’s the purpose of this post), he was able to steal the fruit of the departed Whitebeard shocking us all. It seems that the whole crew is now stealing devil fruits all over the New World and Teach himself could now possess even more devil fruit powers. The real question is, how do they do it?

How do Blackbeard Pirates Steal devil fruits?

There is a very interesting theory regarding the way the devil fruits are stolen, which we will analyse right now. First of all, it’s important to remember the way devil fruits behave after the respective user dies. A theory states that the devil fruit of the user who dies, again appears at the nearest fruit.

How do Blackbeard Pirates Steal devil fruits?

There are also theories that they appear again randomly in the world or that they appear in the nearest tree not fruit. For the purpose of our theory regarding the way the Blackbeard and team steal devil fruits, we have to assume that the first theory is the correct one.

A possible clue to the way the Black-beards go about stealing devil fruits can come to us if someone noted Jesus Burgess. He has been seen going around with a bag in his hand. It is quite possible to assume that the bag is full with fruits. That way, when a Devil Fruit eater he hunts dies, guess where his devil fruit will appear. Right in Burgess’s bag of fruits. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

How do Blackbeard Pirates Steal devil fruits?

We can make some conjectures about the reason Teach is able to possess more than one Devil Fruit. Lets start with the obvious, which is his Yami Yami no power. It has been stated that it can draw the power of a devil fruit inside the darkness, but could this be the whole story? I believe some other possibilities also exist.

Lets talk about one most of you couldn’t imagine. Blackbeard having one or two parasitic twins living inside of him. It can explain why Luffy and Zoro referred to Teach as “they” back in Mock Town. Is it possible that they noticed that? Also, Marco stated during the war of the best that Kurohige’s body is “atypical”.  That way we can all understand how he possesses more than one devil fruit. The parasitic twin(s) has(have) eaten it/them and not Teach himself.

How do Blackbeard Pirates Steal devil fruits?

There is a theory, which states that devil fruits are not in the body but in souls. That way, when someone who has eaten one dies, the soul of the devil fruit itself leaves his body. After that it occupies the nearest fruit.

In that case, Teach with his fruit’s power may be able to draw in the soul of the devil fruit as it exits the dead user’s body and make it his own. He may did that specifically when they covered Whitebeard with the black sheet after he passed away.

It is essential to mention one of the most popular theories that exist, that of the Cerberus fruit. Could it be possible that Blackbeard already possessed a fruit before the Yami Yami no Mi?

How do Blackbeard Pirates Steal devil fruits?

If that is the case, it is quite probable that fruit is the Cerberus fruit. As we know, the Cerberus is a mythical creature with three heads. How about that for an idea? Three heads equal three fruits, the Cerberus one, the Darkness one and the Earthquake one.

This can lead to some connections that seem quite fascinating. Firstly, the Jolly Roger of the Blackbeard Pirates is three skulls. A coincidence or maybe a well thought out choice for a flag?

How do Blackbeard Pirates Steal devil fruits?

A second more indirect hint can be the role of the Blackbeards. If we assume that they will be the final villains before the last island Raftel, it is quite probable that they indeed have the role of a Cerberus for the Straw Hats. In essence, guarding the gates of hell.


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