Goku vs Kafla, Result/Outcomes are Trending on Internet!


Yep, you read that correct; The outcomes for the fight are already spoiled to us fans, and guess what, they are trending on internet and “Goku vs Kafla + some keywords” became on of the most searched word in last 2 days (related to Dragon Ball Super). Other than that, we all know that half of the tournament is over and the action packed fights are all gone, people are expecting Goku to get ‘Ultra Instinct’ again and some are expecting him to get the ‘Limit Breaker’ form.

Goku vs Kafla, Result/Outcomes are Trending on Internet!

Well, I can’t comment on the topic, let’s just wait for now. Anyway, coming back to the main topic, Outcomes for the Goku vs Kafla match are revealed and contain spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 and 115. Dragon Ball Super’s episode 114 will generally focus on the fusion of Kale and Caulifla. The episode is titled as “Explosive! Birth Of A New Warrior. ”

Goku vs Kafla, Result/Outcomes are Trending on Internet! vegito blue

Goku is pretty much low on energy because of his fight with Jiren, thanks to Frieza giving Goku, some of his energy, heโ€™s able to move around and fight his opponents. At the very moment Goku is fighting Caulifla and Kale and their team is already overpowering Goku as we saw in Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 and the preview for Episode 114.

kefura kafla Goku vs Kafla, Result/Outcomes are Trending on Internet!

As I mentioned above Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 is titled, Explosive! Birth of a New Super Warrior. The fusion warriorโ€™s name is still confusing as we donโ€™t know how to pronounce it correctly but it is Kafla (Kefura in Japanese). Most of you already know that Caulifla and Kale are going to fuse and we even though it was going to be a fusion dance since items were not allowed in the tournament of power. However, it is confirmed in the preview of the episode that we are going to see a potara fusion.

Goku vs Kafla, Result/Outcomes are Trending on Internet! kefura kafla

Other than that, People were thinking that the fusion is no match for Jiren and the fusion won’t be able to make Jiren fight them discontinuing the meditation; But, if you remember correctly, Jiren had to step-in, in order to stop Kale and now it’s a fusion among two Saiyans who are much more stronger than before. So, I guess Kafla might give a little competition to Jiren and make him stop meditating and fight-back again.

Goku vs Kafla, Result/Outcomes are Trending on Internet! jiren meditating

But according to our recent spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Episode 115. Super Saiyan Blue is Defeated, DBS episode 115 is titled Goku Vs Kefla/Kafla โ€“ Super Saiyan Blue Is Defeated!? And the summary for episode 115 mentions that After the fusion of Kale and Caulifla, Goku is cornered, to fight power up Kefla, he then transforms into Super Saiyan Blue. We also have a preview image to prove the fact that Goku is beaten up and transformed into Super Saiyan Blue to fight Kafla.

Goku vs Kafla, Result/Outcomes are Trending on Internet! Episode 115 dragon ball super


Well, that’s all we have for now, Thanks for reading.

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