Even After Winning, Why Frieza Won’t be Able to Control Gods?


Even If Frieza Wins, He Can’t Manipulate Gods Because … || Frieza Winning Super Dragon Balls.

Howdy Everyone, I’m here with another blog. And I’m covering up the most obvious thing most of the fans haven’t noticed yet! Almost half of the time is over in Tournament of Power. And Vegeta is still the MVP holding the most eliminations. Frieza, Goku and Master Roshi are 2, 3 and 4 in that list.

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There are very less chance for Frieza to stand till the very end. As, The Stage is already in favor of Universe 11’s Jiren. No one can beat his one-on-one for now (as Goku is exhausted) But even if Goku manage to beat Jiren. Frieza might use some tricks to through Goku out of the bounds and will get a chance to get a wish through the Super Dragon Balls. The Chances are pretty low but it’s possible.

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Yes, you read that correct. Even If Frieza becomes the Last one standing and gets chance to wish through the Super Dragon Balls. He can’t control/manipulate gods as he please.

After winning the tournament of power Frieza is planning to use the super dragon balls to control all the gods. If Frieza had control over all the god there will be no need for him to be resurrected and he will indeed be invincible.

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The Reason behind this is pretty simple but hard to guess at the same time. Sure, the Super Dragon Balls can grant any wish, that’s true. However, the fact remains constant that you have to speak in the language of Gods in order to make your wish come true. normal mortals cannot do that. And, No one is going to translate that wish for Frieza when they know it can harm all the universes or gods.

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If you guys realized it already then Frieza portraits Zeno as an annoying but powerful character. And his wish of controlling all the Gods is something similar to getting the same power as that of Zeno-sama.

So, yeah, even if the Super Dragon Balls grant any wish, unless you can speak the language of Gods, you cannot take full advantage of them. This also puts in question whether or not the Grand Priest and Zeno will allow the erased Universes to get revived. Maybe that’s something they’ll be against as well, because according to Zeno, these Universes were a nuisance in the first place. If he’s not alright with letting them be revived, he can choose not to.

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Well, that’s all for today.

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