Dragon Ball Super: Frieza Joins Universe 4!

Whats up guys? I’m back with another Theory of Dragon Ball Super and I don’t know how you guys are going to react to this? but, for me, I’m already shocked after Reading the Spoilers of the Upcoming Episodes of Dragon Ball Super! So now without wasting much time let me explain you all “What Exactly is going to happen in Dragon Ball Super’s Upcoming Episode”

Haven’t Read the Spoilers Yet?
Then Have a look:

Dragon Ball Super Episode 94: “Resurrection of the Evil Emperor! The Mysterious Awaiting Assassins?!”

The Title Says Everything on its own like lets break the title in half so I can explain it more clearly, “Resurrection of the Evil Emperor!”, Frieza is going to get resurrected by Fortune teller Baba for the sake of our universe! BUT, ” The Mysterious Awaiting Assassins?!” Seems like someone is waiting for Frieza to get resurrected. Maybe They are planning to Kill Frieza or Kidnap him! Other than that, It isn’t confirmed that Who are the assassins, Is that Hit?, and who is going to hire them?
As we saw in the Trailer of Upcoming Episode, It shows us The God of Destruction of Universe 4 and Universe 9 together! What does that mean? Oh yes, Seems like they are the ones who are going to Kidnap “The Evil Emperor” of our Universe. What they want Frieza to do? Well this is a mystery Which is going to be solved in Upcoming Episodes of Dragon Ball Super, Till then Stay Tuned.

These were the Spoilers of Episode 94, A lot more are there on the Next Page,

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