Attack on Titan’s second season getting 12 Episodes Only


Attack on Titans second season getting 12 Episodes Only

Yes the News is Confirmed and True that Attack on Titans second season getting 12 Episodes only about half of the number of episodes in the first season and the reason is Shocking!

Episode 2 of Season 2 is Airing Today and our fans will be sad and disappointed to know that this season is going to have only 12 Episodes. The First Season of Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan had 21 Episodes and some Specials. They Studion hasn’t confirmed the reason for only 12 Episodes Some People are Making their own theories,one animator who has worked in the industry for years on projects like Code Lyoko and Space Dandies, has credited it to the overwhelming demand for anime from Western companies and not enough people working in the industry.

Attack on Titans second season getting 12 Episodes Only

Thomas Romain Tweeted after the Studio confirmed the Episode Count, Romain said that because of demand from companies like Netflix asking for full series in a limited time frame and not giving them the required budget to hire more people, the number of episodes made available to fans lessened.

When People Started Questioning, Thomas Replied that the Biggest Issue for all this is “LOW BUDGET”  of their studios and they were given to hire people in order to make the series. Shows like Attack on Titan, he said, only get a few months of production time. It makes it too hard to make more than 12 such shows in a very small amount of time.

: Attack on Titans second season getting 12 Episodes Only

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We waited for 5 Years!! And what we got? Only 12 Episodes. This is Ridiculous waiting for 5 years and getting almost nothing. Maybe we need to wait for another 3-4 more years for the Next season of Shingeki no Kyojin!

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  1. Read the manga ao you’ll know why it’s only 12 episodes long. The first season endes in the 50s of the manga. The manga releases monthly. It’s still in the 90s so they don’t have much material to work with. We should actually be thankful. They were NOT still suppised to release a second season because they don’t want the anime to catch up to the manga but they still did it. So stop being whiny and watch.


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