Attack on Titan Third Season to Air in 2018

Well Hello Everyone. Here I am, just Another person who was left with a whole lot of questions after watching the last Episode of the Second Season, but I gotta say one thing , this Season was fucking Awesome and I’m gonna re-watch it . The last episode was like “Tears in Eyes and a Smile of Satisfaction on Face”. Well, There is a Good News for all you guys Attack on Titan Third Season is going to Air soon.

Attack on Titan Third Season

I also want to apologize for giving you all a false hope that the Season may get Extended, but believe me I’m just as disappointed as you are on finding that my theory was Wrong. Well the Season ended with Eren finally escaping from the Clutches of Reiner and Bertholdt, killing the very Titan that killed his Mother and Discovering a whole new Power that was Sealed inside him which allowed him to control the Mindless Titans.

Attack on Titan Third Season

Yes! Eren did control the Titans in the end of the Season, first telling them to devour the Titan that killed his Mother and then telling them to kill Reiner. Well Reiner and Bertholdt were saved by Ymir in the end but Historia was taken back to Trost . After discovering Eren’s New Powers, Ymir took a Sigh of Relief saying “There’s a Future inside the Walls too” and so , she left Historia in the Hands of Eren and Others. Well the Beast Titan was Spotted on the Wall Maria and guess what he was in his Human Form.

Attack on Titan Third Season

Well the Next Season is already confirmed and will probably start airing in the Month of April just like this Season and what’s more, the Next Season is going to be even better than this Season and also It’ll be full of Surprises – New Story , New Titans and Full of Interesting Things (If you wanna know about them then I’ll write about them in the Next Blog ).

Well I’m not all talks now coz I’ve been hearing a lot from some manga Readers these Days so have a little bit of Faith in me and make the Hype Real.

Thank You for reading ” Attack on Titan Third Season to Air in 2018 ” and Have a Nice Day.

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