Attack on Titan Season 2 – Season Finale Postponed

So guys We’ve got a Good News, Attack on Titan Season 2 – Season Finale Postponed , Well don’t go on thinking of this as some bad news , it isn’t like the next episode is gonna air a bit later or something , it’s just a completely different case here . You see ever since the Second Season of the much-awaited Anime Series Attack on Titan aka Shingeki No Kyoujin started airing , there have been rumors and confirmations saying that this Season will have only 12 Episodes for whatsoever reasons .

Attack on Titan Season 2 - Season Finale Postponed

As you all have seen 11 Episodes have already aired and you may be thinking that next one will be the last episode of this Season , well it sounds rather disappointing , doesn’t it? Such an Awesome Series coming to its end leaving the fans with so many Questions .
Well , here’s the Good News for you all , although I don’t really have any official confirmation and I’m not gonna claim that I have any confirmation like others , but this is just something I devised after watching the Episodes of this Season and thinking about every small thing like what has happened in this Season till date.

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  1. Nah. Sorry to break it to you but it’s just 12 episodes. There’s no such thing as Beast Titan wrecking havoc or attacking the city. Just wait another 3 years.

  2. is this really so far ive only read your theory whatsoever but you do mentioned “no confirmation yet” so in the end this is just a theory of yours with yeah it may have bases. but didnt announced it yet officially right??????

  3. I don’t want to disappoint you but if you read the manga you would know that the Beast titan won’t stay there, he’ll go to Shiganshina and wait for the Scouts. I think the anime totally follows the manga, so they won’t change the storyline.

  4. They have been following the manga pretty straight forwards (adding things like in the Annie fight) I’ll tell you all, this season and the next is just Eren getting kidnapped. We’ll have to wait till season 4 to see some real action.

  5. The wall he was climbing was going back into titan territory. The castle they were fighting at was right next to the wall at the very edge of human-controlled space. So he was already in human territory to begin with (and caused all that ruckus with the titans attacking), and then left to where they wouldn’t be able to follow him.

    I would still expect more to be seen of the beast titan (as he is clearly their next greatest foe), just not in the way you predict.


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