Will ‘Attack on Titan’ Have More Episodes In Season 3 ?

Will'Attack on Titan' Have More Episodes In Season 3 ?

Will ‘Attack on Titan’ Have More Episodes In Season 3 ?

While nothing is confirmed yet, it is speculated that the upcoming season 3 of “Attack on Titan” will most probably offer more episodes when it arrives. With Attack on Titan season 3 not being too far away now, fans have already started to discuss about the Cast, Posters, Release Date and the exact amount of episodes we are going to get.


The First season of Attack on Titan was aired back in 2013, and after the wait of 4-whole-years fans got their favorite anime’s new season back and better-than-before. New animation and powers given to the characters is what made it astonishingly amazing. However, the moment fans realized that the season will only get 12 episodes was one of the most heart breaking moment (at least for me). After waiting four complete years you get 12 episodes; You gotta be joking;

Attack on Titan’s season 3 won’t take as long as you think. The Creator himself revealed that they are giving their best to make it air in Spring 2018 and now there is no shortage of cast and budget. Attack on Titan’s 12 episode (season 2) earned much more than the 24-episode season (Season 1). And that’s the main reason why they are not low on budget anymore.

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Right now, it’s looking like the season (season 3) will shape up to be longer than the last (season 2).

Attack on Titan’s shorter second season was abrupt, but Wit Studio seems to have designed its episode order enthusiastically. Attack on Titan’s first season publicized 24 episodes, giving it a two-cour run through the season. Attack on Titan then went into a lengthy interval, and there was no telling how fans would respond to its return. Wit Studio could have faced financial ruin if it asked for another two-cour season and got few ratings, so the animation studio held back and make it a 12-episode season.

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With “Attack on Titan” season 2 proving that the anime has not lost its charm and magic to its fans, rumors now claim that the upcoming season 3 of the popular anime series will offer more episodes. Additionally, as it is alleged that the upcoming season would run on the “Uprising” story arc, it is said that the anime series will have a longer story, indeed, when it returns next year.

I’m not giving any statement to you guys, but If I were to make a guess. It’d be 24 episodes.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Trailer:


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