Top 8 Anime Characters with Confused Genders

Hey guys I am today here with some awesome material that you are definitely gonna love.
Yep, today I have made a list of those Anime Characters that, at first look, you can’t tell whether they are male or female. These characters are from the most popular Animes in the Anime World.
So, let’s start it:

8. Juuzou Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul):

Top 8 Anime Characters with Confused Genders Juuzou was raised as a pet of ghoul named ‘Big Madam’. He performed the circus acts for ghoul customers. If you look at Juuzo you will probably take him as a girl. But, he is a guy. It’s also because Big Madam wanted him to be a girl and for this she did something to Juuzou. What she did? See yourself:

Top 8 Anime Characters with Confused Genders
Tokyo Ghoul: Chapter 122

7. Hange Zoe(Attack on Titan):

Top 8 Anime Characters with Confused GendersHange is a Squad Leader in Survey Corps and it’s future Commander. His gender is ambigious in the Series. You probably have been taking him as female. But it is never confirmed in the manga whether she is a guy or a girl. Moreover, if you look at his body, you may recognize that atleast he is not female.




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