Super Saiyan God Red Versus Super Saiyan God Blue

Battle of the godsResurrection

Picture Credits to Rmehedi ( Goku Saiyan Blue , Red & Beerus )

Ever since Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ came out, Dragon ball fans across throughout world have argued about the difference between Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue , as the source itself didn’t quite explain it very well and left us with unanswered questions. Well I’m only here to share my own explanation of these two legendary transformations and hopefully shed some light too…

There’s been talk in the community on which of these transformations is stronger, naturally most of them are saying that the SSB is stronger as it came after the Super Saiyan God transformation but as per according to me I have a different outlook on this transformation..

Let’s start off with the first transformation. SSG is the transformation that has surpassed Super Saiyan 3 and its predecessors before it. This transformation is obtained through a ritual of six righteous saiyans who have come together to share their Ki with one saiyan and turn that saiyan into a Super Saiyan God.

Now at the time we all thought that the only way to achieve this transformation was through this ritual, as the belief was that you needed to feel what “god ki” felt like in order to achieve it yourself. However that’s not the case with Vegeta who openly stated that he does not want to do the ritual as he wanted to achieve the transformation by himself.


Vegeta Super Saiyan God ( Credits to rmehedi ) (Fan Made)

Then comes the next phase of the transformation , Super Saiyan Blue.


Super Saiyan God Blue( Credits to rmehedi )

Now the explanation for the SSB is that In order to achieve this transformation you needed to absorb and retain the power of SSG. That explanation would have been perfectly fine if it wasn’t for Vegeta contradicting it as he clearly did not perform that ritual and was still able to achieve SSB. So how can that be?

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  1. i believe ssg is the stronger transformation and i have the proof ,i will explain using maths. so goku power level when he first spar with berus was less than majin buu for sure in his base form , so goku’s base power was less than majin buu there power might be equal when goku goes a super sayin so have said that i would put goku’s power level in ssj3 is about less than 10% of bearus power but the ritual gave him power to get to 65% of bearus power , so that means ssg is maybe a 8 – 10 x multiplyer to ssj3. nut with the movie with golden frieza came out where we saw ssb for the fist time gok’s base power was much high than when he was in the battle of gods movie, i’m guess his base power is 5x more in resurection f than battle of gods, he got stronger win base form and when he went ssb his power was high than when he was a ssg but not by much , with ssb he power is 70% of bearus power where as ssg is 65% of bearus power . so the mutiplier of ssg is higher because his base form is 5x higher than when he first fought bearus


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