Levi Facts Continuation.

#11. The Levi Curse

Levi FactsEverytime, he finds someone he cares about, the next thing we come to know, they’re dead! 😶😖


#12. Levi’s Crush?

Levi FactsThe Answer for this Question is… Probably No, He doesn’t have a crush on Anyone (according to Hajime) 


#13. What Job will these Guys(AOT) get! If they were from Real World!?

Levi FactsLevi will get a Job for either a teacher or a Chef.
Eren: Graphic Designer/ Story Board Artist.
Mikasa: Stay at home/ Housewife (You can say).
Armin: Marine Biologist/ Works for government.
Jean: Journalist.
Sasha: Chef .
Connie: Cartoon Artist.
Erwin: Teacher.
Annie: Nurse.
Hange: Head of Library in the Hospital.
Berthold: KinderGardener.
Reiner: Bar Keeper.


#14. Levi’s Hairstyle

Levi FactsIf Levi were to wear his Hair in any other style. Then it would possibly be, A Ponytail.
See Isn’t he looking damn cool!? I know you are saying Yes! I would like to see some more images of him in ponytail.


#15. Jokes 

Levi Facts

If you told Levi a Joke,
Whether it be a Good one? or bad one!
He wouldn’t react!
Like at all.


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  1. Gaaah!!! I’m dieing!!! Okay anyone else got a crush on Levi? If you do…. let’s just say I’m not gonna pluck your eyes out tonight 😊
    (Not really but seriously… Levi’s mine!)


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