Continuation of Levi Facts.

#6. Levi Loves his face 😛

Levi FactsWhen Levi Sees his reflection in clean surface, he smiles a bit.
(This Fact Really Made my Day 😳😳)


#7 Levi’s Feelings! 😟😣

Levi FactsNo one Ever cares about his feelings! Have you ever thought how he feels? Loosing too many of his friends. Whom he worked together with! Whom he loved and they are all eaten by titans now! Actually, Levi is f#$*cked up over people dying but he doesn’t do regret really, Or at least, he tells himself that! His feelings Drive him too of course.



Levi FactsHave you Ever thought! What will happen IF someone confessed to Levi, Everyone knows but still let me tell you! The Answer is going to be a Very HUGE no. As Hajime said that “If someone confesses to Levi, he would act awkward and reject them awkwardly.” So fellow Ladies, This one was for y’all. 😂😂😛


#9 Levi’s Habit.

Levi FactsSometimes, Levi Talks to himself when something is really messed up. (I do talk with myself everyday.  Wait, it doesn’t mean Everything’s messed up here It’s just a habit. 😂😂)


#10. I knew he was Different!

Levi FactsLevi is a Morbid Person! 😱😱
Morbid means someone who is characterized by an abnormal and unhealthy interest in disturbing and unpleasant subjects, especially death and disease. 🤢



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  1. Gaaah!!! I’m dieing!!! Okay anyone else got a crush on Levi? If you do…. let’s just say I’m not gonna pluck your eyes out tonight 😊
    (Not really but seriously… Levi’s mine!)


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