So Without Wasting Much Time, 😄😄 Lets have a look at these Levi Facts:

#1. Levi’s NightMares

Levi Facts
(c) to Venulus
Levi’s NightMares are Consist of Not being able to Save is Friends or Comrades, Contain Lots of Blood, Smell of Intestines, Titans Evaporating and Sometime Even Dreams of Falling.
As Expected of you Levi-san. 😯😯😲

#2. Levi as a Parent 😍😍

Levi Facts
(c) to its Owner.
Levi would be pissed 😡very easily but kinda good ☺️ with Children because they’d respect him.
I don’t want to compare Attack on Titan with other Anime, But I guess,😅 Vegeta from Dragon Ball will be somehow similar to Levi Ackerman in this Category. (My Thinking)


#3. Levi’s Favourite Flavor of Ice Cream 🍨🍦

Levi Facts

Levi’s Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream is none other than Lemon and Vanilla.
As for Eren it is: Chocolate.
for Mikasa: Strawberry
for Armin: Vanilla
for Erwin: Straciatella.


#4. What the Hell? Levi is Ugly?? 😭😒😡

Levi FactsLevi Ackerman is considered as one of the most Ugliest person 😤 in Attack on Titan Universe!
Hajime rated their attractiveness and have a look at the result:
Hange: 5
Levi: 2
Armin: 4
Reiner: 9 (Damn this Traitor) 😱


#5. Levi’s Dress?

Levi FactsLevi was actually wearing his Mother’s Dress when Kenny found him because it’s not like Kuchel can buy him a bunch of clothes.

(Left Picture is just used for Fun, It is no way affiliated to the AOT series)



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