Origins of The Saiyans Revealed – Dragon Ball Super


In fact, he is someone who has been sleeping for ages, after being frozen. After a long time, he’ll be woken up once again, and this Saiyan is the one who we’ll see going head to head against Goku in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie.

This new Saiyan is likely from before the times of Planet Vegeta, so I doubt anyone knows much about him. Him being from Universe 7 and an ancient Saiyan is supported by the fact that Goku is fighting him in a frozen environment, which has been focused on a lot in the preview, and the promo alike.

Dragon Ball Super Movie Saiyan

I like the idea of this Saiyan being from Universe 7. But, how strong would he have been during his time? Even if he would have he power to go Super Saiyan, would that be enough to hold off Goku in Super Saiyan Blue (possibly even Ultra Instinct)? Is he even the main antagonist of the series?

There are so many questions that we don’t know the answer to just yet. But the movie is getting closer with each passing day. We’re bound to get some details about the characters as we move forward. I know everyone wants to know who this Saiyan is, and it excites me a lot as well. However, all we can do is speculate and wait for a confirmation.

What are your thoughts on the new Saiyan who we saw in the Dragon Ball Super movie? Who do you think it is? Leave your thoughts below in the comments section. I’ll see you guys soon.


Dragon Ball Super Manga Reveals New Change To The ToP

Dragon Ball Super anime has already ended. The Universal Survival arc was the last arc of the anime. The arc ended with Universe 7 winning the Tournament at the end. The finale was not exactly what the fans were expecting. Android 17 had made an unexpected return in the episode. The manga is taking a different approach to the whole thing.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Spoilers

They have already altered some things. Just recently, the manga made another change. It was pertaining to the way that the eliminations will occur in the manga. From the looks of it, the fighters are going to be eliminated in a different way than what happened in the anime.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 35

In Chapter 34 of the Dragon Ball Super, the first casualties of Universe 7 are Krillin and Tien, which is the same as the anime. But, there’s a slight anomaly and that is the way in which they are knocked out. In the manga, Frost from Universe 6 eliminates both Krillin and Tien. Now, if you compare this to the anime, Frost does knock Krillin out first, but Tien was knocked out by Hermila of Universe 2. However, he manages to drag Hermila out along with him.

When you look at the manga, Frost starts racking up eliminations right off the bat. He takes out three or four fighters. In the anime, Frost just eliminated Krillin. Frost is betrayed by Freeza, and he didn’t even bother to show Frost his full powered version. The Trio De Dangers wolf team of Universe 9 are also eliminated by Freeza, which was knocked out by Goku and Vegeta in the anime version.

Universe 9 is the first universe to be eliminated. Freeza and Frost have knocked out all of its participating members. Beerus is already annoyed as Universe 7 has lost two fighters so early on. He threatens to destroy them if the team doesn’t perform.

We can expect several more changes to the arc in the future. I am hoping that it doesn’t end in the same fashion as the anime. It wasn’t a top-notch ending but the animation made up for it.

You can read Dragon Ball Super Manga 35 on Viz for free, download option is not available for this manga.


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