Origins of The Saiyans Revealed – Dragon Ball Super


Dragon Ball Super may have ended, but we’re getting a continuation in the form of a movie that will premiere in Japan (and possibly worldwide) on December 14 2018. There are still rumors about the show returning next year, but so far, nothing has been confirmed and everything that you’ve heard about its return is pure speculation.

Speaking of speculation, there have been a lot of theories concerning the new ‘enemy’ that Goku is going to face in the Tournament of Power. I’ve written a few of them myself, and I believe we have already talked about the Saiyan being from either Universe 6, or Universe 13 (yeah, you heard me right!).

New saiyan

But today, I’m going to talk about a theory which makes a lot of sense to me. I don’t own this theory, so props to whoever came up with it. Basically, the theory goes on to state that the new Saiyan enemy that Goku is set to fight in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie is not new at all.


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