Tournament of Power: Kefla to Achieve Super Saiyan Blue?


Howdy Everyone, I’m back and in this blog we will discuss about Kefla going Super Saiyan Blue. So let’s get started with any further delay.

These are spoilers from episode 116 which is going to air on 19 November, as we already know from the preview of episode 115 that Kefla will go Super Saiyan and as we can clearly see in the title of episode 116 that the symptoms of Ultra Instinct are showing that means Goku will be able to use Ultra Instinct again, the state which Gods can’t easily attain.

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In the last line of the spoilers it is written “Kefla Powers up as well” the clearly means that Kefla will power up but now the question is that how much power will Kefla need to match Goku Super Saiyan Blue.

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I think that Kelfa will go Super Saiyan Blue Because if she goes Super Saiyan 3 it won’t be a match for Goku Ultra Instinct because that technique was so strong that Goku was able to gain on Jiren but if she goes Super Saiyan Blue there might be a chance that Kefla will be able give a fair fight to Goku Ultra Instinct.

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Moreover, Kefla was so strong that she was able to beat Goku Super Saiyan Blue and God. We all know that how strong potara fusion is and also Kale and Caulifla is fused together, Kale alone in her berserk power was enough to take on Goku SSJ Blue and with Caulifla’s power it should be easy for them to transform into Super Saiyan Blue, and according to the spoilers Goku is Going to use Kaio-Ken and this might push Kefla to increase her power more and go Super Saiyan Blue.

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The other possibility is, Kefla won’t transform but somehow her power will force Goku achieve Ultra Instinct again, and after transforming into Ultra Instinct. Goku’ll beat Kefla and knock her out of the stage.

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