Dragon Ball Super Will Reveal Universe 4’s Hidden Warrior in Episode


Howdy Everyone, spoilers for Dragon Ball Super episode 115-119 are here, Now coming back to the main topic, Dragon Ball Super’s studio recently revealed some confirmed spoilers for Episode 115-119. So without anymore delays let us begin.

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 115

Title: Goku vs Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!

Synopsis:  Caulifla and Kale of Universe 6, who were fighting Son Goku of Universe 7, fused using ‘potara’ of Universe 6 Kaioshin. The two now fight Goku as “Kefla”, and overwhelm him with tremendous power. Each universe who saw the fusion happen, begins to wonder, if they too, can retort to using potara themselves and lay down their strategies accordingly …

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 116

Title: Symptoms Return! Grand Eruption of Ultra Instinct.

Synopsis: Due to his fight to the limit with Kefla, Goku uses ‘Ultra Instinct’ – the state which even the gods cannot easily attain, In answer to that, Kefla powers up as well.


Now, it seems like Kefla is going to do a power up that will rival Goku’s Ultra Instinct.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 117

Title: Grand Battle of Love! Androids vs Universe 2.

Synopsis: Ribrianne and other of Universe 2 rushes into attack Goku, who activated Ultra Instinct and ran out of energy as a result. It looked like Goku would be taken out from the attacks of Ribrianne and her team maters, but then Android 17 and 18 comes to help.

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 118

Title: Tragedy Discloses in on the Vanishing Universe!

Synopsis: “There is no synopsis available right now but it seems like the Universe of Rebrianne (Universe 2) will get erased. This is what everyone is wishing for, If I’m right”.

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 119

Title: A new victim for Universe 7! The specialty of Universe 4. (There might be some word changes but the base title is confirmed, I translated it myself from French. Credits- Db-z.com)

Synopsis: The synopsis for this episode isn’t available yet, but I have a theory of my own; Episode 119 is described as the episode when we’ll finally see the hidden warriors of Universe 4 in action.

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Back then Dragon Ball Super’s staff revealed Universe 4’s hidden warrior. And, trust me! he’s said to be the strongest one from Quitela’s Universe. The Warrior is named as Damom. 

He appears to be like an insect resembling cicada, short in size, 2 antennas with red eyes. Also, we have seen him in the opening song.You can see him in the image below.


And, the official calendar of Dragon ball Super recently revealed a poster in which we can see this Universe 4’s Warrior named Damom.


The powers and abilities of this warrior is described as:

  • Invisibility – Through currently unknown means, it can hide his physical appearance from sight, however Tien Shinhan can still sense a faint presence.
  • Dodging techniques – Vanishes and then appears on the ground or in the sky.
  • Body Shedding – Like a real cicada, it can shed its skin, leaving behind an empty husk
  • Self Destruction – A self-destruction technique that Damom uses by waiting for an opponent to attack, and then countering with it.

We also have some info on the other warrior who was hidden from the start with Damom, the other warrior is named as Gamisaras, is a cicada insect warrior. 

We do not have any kind of picture of him. we just have a Godpad thumbnail of him.

(Best Quality)

His Abilities and powers are said to be:

  • Invisibility – Through currently unknown means, it can hide his physical appearance from sight, however Tien Shinhan can still sense a slight presence of him.

Well, that’s all for today, Thanks for Reading.


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