Frieza is Hiding Something up his Sleeves, Frieza vs Kefla ?


Howdy everyone, the one thing that stuck out immediately in this episode was when Frieza was playing looking for his next plaything to entertain him and Dyspo wanting absolutely nothing to do with him. He is out of there and says I can’t deal with this guy. Which is pretty odd itself coming from the 3rd strongest warrior of Universe 11 who had no issue with challenging Hit and defeating his time skip.

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Maybe it is the fact that Frieza has been down right cold blooded since the tournament started and just annihilating opponents in the most humiliating of ways. Bringing even some of them near death for the joy of torturing them before elimination. Of course the 2 saiyans of Caulifla and Kale got in the sights of Frieza and he was about to have fun. Even laughing at them while they were getting ready to attack.

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Except Goku wants to finish the fight with them. So now we will have to wait and see what Frieza has in store as he still gets pleasure from watching saiyans crush each other. One key note is after the fusion into Kafla and everyone seemed to notice their immense power even Vegeta got distracted in his fight against Toppo.

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Frieza wasn’t concerned in the least and said this will be an entertaining fight. I beleive he is actually eager to test his power out to the fullest and if Goku who isn’t fully recovered can’t get the job done against them. Frieza will actually step in against Kafla and show what the true depth’s of his Golden form can do. Which honestly is something I really want to see instead of Goku fighting them so I do hope he taps out and Frieza steps in.

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Don’t forget Frieza is scheming his way to the top and right now will help Goku any way he can to fulfill his plan to attain the Super Dragon Balls. So Frieza isn’t going to let anything happen just yet to Goku. It seems like they are going to overdo this fusions power a little bit as Goku does have to go Super Saiyan Blue against them since they went Super Saiyan while fused.

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I believe a fully recovered Goku should have no problem with them but that still isn’t the case. So Frieza who’s Golden Form is stronger than SSB and with his mental training in hell mastering it would be a perfect match for this fusion to go up against. Keep in mind we already seen them overconfident with their new power and they aren’t experienced fighters.

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They are bound to make mistakes and be full of opening just for a veteran like Frieza to exploit and take advantage of. Frieza is just too much of a tactical fighter and has too much experience in a fight against Kafla.

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I also still think there is a tremendous downside to fusion being that if they make a mistake and get knocked out you lose 2 fighters at the same time. Except well that was inevitable anyways and I believe that coming up Universe 6 will be the next Universe to be erased.

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What do you think about this? Do you want Frieza to knock Kefla or you just want to see the fight between Goku and Kefla? What are Frieza’s plan on dealing with Jiren? Comment down your opinions.

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