Universe 6 Will Be Erased Next In Tournament of Power!


Howdy Everyone, I’m back and in this blog we are going to discuss about whether Universe 6 will be erased next in the Tournament Of Power or not. Universe 6 was one of the leading Universe in the Tournament Of Power until few episodes ago, they were fine but now in the recent episodes after Frost got eliminated by Freiza and Jiren eliminated Hit; Universe 6 suffered a major loss. With Hit’s elimination Universe 6 was left with 5 warriors three Saiyans Cabba, Kale, Caulifla and two Namekians.

But, few episodes ago Cabba of Universe 6 achieved Super Saiyan 2 and still got eliminated from Tournament Of Power by Frieza. Now, Universe 6 has only 2 Saiyans Kale & Caulifla and two Namekians representing their Universe. They are indeed strong but they are fighting warriors from Universe 7 so I don’t think they stand a chance of winning.

How Universe 6 Will Be Erased ?

According to the latest spoilers of episode 115 Kafla is going to fight Goku Super Saiyan Blue and going to beat Goku Super Saiyan Blue and I think they will spare Goku to return Goku’s favor and will go after Jiren and then will get eliminated by the mighty Jiren himself, Jiren won’t spare anyone this time.

The Namekians of Universe 6 are fighting Piccolo and Gohan, the Namekians are strong but we all know that they are still no match for Gohan and Piccolo and soon they will be eliminated by Piccolo and Gohan, as much as I think.

I think this is the way things are going to end for Universe 6 and still anything is possible no one knows what might happen in the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super. Who do you think will get knocked out next from Universe 6 in the Tournament of Power? Let me know in the comments section below.

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