Howdy Guys ! Today I’m here to tell you about 7 Big Changes that were made by the Creator, Akira Toriyama to the original story-line of Dragon Ball Super. There was a jury of 10-12 members (along with Akira Toriyama) who originally proposed the Story-line for Dragon Ball Super but as we all know, the main protagonist of an Anime is its creator, And the Same goes for Dragon Ball Super. The creator, Akira Toriyama made some big changes into that original story-line which proposed by other story writers of Dragon Ball Super. Now, without any more delay, Let’s disclose all the changes which were made by Akira Toriyama:

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(Note: I wrote about the worst changes here, Every Anime Creator changes the story according to his/her wish. But there are some changes I wish that were never made.)

7) Kale- Legendary Super Saiyan from Universe 11.

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Kale was originally supposed to be in Team Universe 11 but later on, she was replaced as The story writer and content creator wanted same kind of creature/beings to exist only in the pair universes. And, as we already saw in the opening; Kale was standing with other 4 warriors from Universe 11 which was later on described as ‘Team U11’s revealed fighter’. However, when It was revealed that Kale is from Universe 6, our sources interviewed the creator and got an answer ‘It was just a mistake haha’

6)  The Original Design of Super Saiyan God Transformation 

convulsing rage super saiyan goku (white) by lavafist
super saiyan original design by lavafist

The original design of Super Saiyan God Transformation or we can say Super Saiyan Red. Yes , Originally he was designed to have White Hair but the creator didn’t like this idea much and named his original design as a Fan Art , which is not true at all. According to Tada Yoshiyama Moro ( A member from the Jury ) , He was going to potray Goku with White hair and a more muscular body.

5) Mystic Gohan Was Meant to be Back in Black Goku Arc 

Mystic Gohan Battle Damaged by EliteSaiyanWarrior
Mystic Gohan by EliteSaiyanWarrior

Yes , We all missed Ultimate Gohan didn’t we ? And the jury was noticing this fact, that the most loved character during mid Super was Mystic Gohan. People were literally crying to see Gohan in action again. Apart from Super, The last time we witnessed Mystic Gohan was when He was fighting Super Buu since then He was the most missed character during the complete Dragon Ball Super. And, He was meant to be in Black Goku arc but to increase the craze of Mystic Gohan Akira postponed the comeback of him.

4) The Story Writers Proposed an Arc should be there Potraying Hit 

Hit and Frost by rmehedi
Hit and Frost by rmehedi

There was supposed to be an arc of Hit , but Akira dismissed the complete Arc. But if it would have happened , Goku could have hardly managed to get only 5 to 6 minutes per episode during that complete arc. So , this idea wasn’t satisfying enough for the viewers and It would have affected the TRP’s of Dragon Ball Super because most of the fans out there only watch Dragon Ball Super for Goku.  So , this idea was expelled by him in an instant.

3) Gohan Was Meant to be the Lead of Dragon Ball Super 

Top 10 Goku Facts You Need To Know (Dragon Ball Super)
Ultimate Gohan by Rmehedi

Dragon Ball Super was to have Gohan as its lead. As in the last episode of Dragon Ball Z, Goku went away with UUB. So earlier it was supposed to continue Dragon Ball Z but as of viewers and tacky TRP thing , They attached the story in the middle of DBZ (to complete the gap of 10 years which they left for 28th World Martial Arts Tournament) and Akira decided to bring Goku back as its lead and this changed the complete storyline .

2) Zamasu was Originally Supposed to be killed by Vegeta 

Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue by rmehedi changes
Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue by rmehedi

Yes , You read that right ! Toyotarou the illustrator of the Manga and a Jury member told our inner sources that before finalizing the scene of the comeback of Vegito they decided to end the Zamasu Arc by Vegeta unleashing his inner potential and Stabbing Zamasu with his KI-Saber ( earlier used by black to stab Vegeta ) but again as Goku is the main lead , So he decided to put him in the frame too and hence he brought Vegito back ( which is a good choice too ) . But If you are a Vegeta fan , It is obvious that you will feel bad about this and you will all agree that Vegeta deserves to kill atleast one of the main villain of any arc and if Akira had supported this decision, they would have saved Vegito for the Tournament of Power (or later).

1- ‘Limit Breaker’ isn’t coming, at least not yet. 

It was already decided that Goku will fight Jiren in his ‘Limit Breaker’ form but it was later replaced by ‘Ultra Instinct’ because, If Goku were to attain ‘Limit Breaker’ he could easily defeat Beerus, in terms of Power Level. However, Ultra Instinct is an ability which is too hard to achieve, even for a God; (Cleared by Whis in the latest Dragon Ball Super Episode), so they won’t make Goku achieve such an ability that easily. I personally prefer the graphics for Limit Breaker but nothing can be done now. So for now, let’s just enjoy what we got and forget about the story line changes that are done to the story.


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