Kefura Vs Goku, Goku Can Achieve New Mysterious Transformation !


Howdy Everyone, I’m back and in this blog we are going to discuss about a theory: If Goku will achieve New Transformation during his fight with Kefura which is going to start in episode 114. The latest spoilers revealed that Goku is about to have another Transformation which will convince Jiren to get back in action. The preview of episode 114 has already confirmed the fusion of Kale and Caulifla (Kefura).

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In episode 114, Goku has to fight Kefura, Kale alone in her berserk mode is enough to take down Goku SSB and now her fusion with Caulifla will be much more stronger, Kefura will take Goku to the limit where he will unlock his new transformation which we think is ‘Limit Breaker’ we all know that this name was leaked for Goku’s new transformation few months ago, note that Ultra Instinct is not a transformation it’s a technique.

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First we all thought that Ultra Instinct was Goku’s new transformation but latest spoilers proved it’s wrong the new transformation is called Limit Breaker. Ultra Instinct pushed Goku to his limit and the Limit Breaker will break that limit and will take Goku’s power even further beyond.

We can clearly see the difference between the Limit Breaker images which were leaked few months ago and the Ultra Instinct and moreover it was made clear that new transformation was about come in D.B.S and we all know that Ultra Instinct is not a transformation it is a technique which is hard to master even for a God Of Destruction so, In my personal opinion I don’t think Goku will ever achieve this form (Ultra Instinct) anytime soon in Tournament of Power.

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‘Ultra Instinct’ Isn’t the only trump card Goku had! Goku achieved this form out of nowhere and you thought it’s Goku’s new form that was getting hinted by everyone in the spoilers. So for the starters I need to clear up your mind:

  • Ultra Instinct isn’t a Form, it’s a technique.
  • Even for a God who used the technique multiple times, It’s hard to achieve Ultra Instinct.
  • There are almost 50-50 chances for Goku to regain the same form again.
  • All of the points above aren’t made up.

Now, What I’m actually saying is Goku will achieve ‘Limit Breaker’ form in his next fight against Jiren and not ‘Ultra Instinct’; In short, the red aura we saw in the leaks, previews and posters is the actual new form of Goku. ‘Ultra Instinct’ is a technique which was achieved by Goku using the Spirit bomb as a trigger and used it as an temporary energy source for his depleted body.

'Ultra Instinct' Isn't Goku's Final Form in Tournament of Power!

So now, It is absolutely obvious that Limit Breaker and Ultra Instinct isn’t the same thing. Limit Breaker isn’t a thing to ignore as we’ve got tons of leaks from the studio regarding Limit Breaker in the past few months.

Look, Here is a pic of Super Saiyan 1 and Super Saiyan 2, Guess what’s the difference?

'Ultra Instinct' Isn't Goku's Final Form in Tournament of Power!

Yep, If we exclude the lightening. How could anyone figure out Super Saiyan 2; Exactly, I guess you guys got it. Super Saiyan 2 hairs are much more sharper or spiky than Super Saiyan; And the aura is bit more dark in color. Oh wait, It ain’t a rubbish theory. Just wait till the end. I’m going to compare things up;

And, Now I want you guys to have a look at these pictures.

'Ultra Instinct' Isn't Goku's Final Form in Tournament of Power!

This picture is the only thing that is making everything clear now. Yep, Limit Breaker form’s hairs are spikier than that of the ‘Ultra Instinct’ technique. The above picture consist of a screenshot from Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 and the other one is from the leak revealed by the studio. Now lets talk about the main difference excluding the spiky hairs of Limit breaker; And, it’s the shirt (He is wearing a shirt in the left one but on the right one it got teared apart, and which is the reason why I’m calling it a ‘before and after’ picture; their aura is different too but it isn’t a ‘spot the difference’ picture so I won’t take much time on it).

In short, If I say it’s a before and after pic of Goku in Tournament Of Power. What would you say? It’s obvious, true and logical at the same time. After losing his energy after the intense Goku vs Jiren fight, Goku got surrounded by some warriors from other Universes and had a tough fight which resulted in Goku getting his Shirt torn apart.

'Ultra Instinct' Isn't Goku's Final Form in Tournament of Power!

The main thing I wanted to spread everywhere through this article is that ‘Ultra Instinct’ isn’t the new form that was teased to us. The form that was teased to us is none other than the ‘Limit Breaker’ form.

So, I guess Goku might achieve that ‘Limit Breaker’ form while fighting Kafura or at least get enough energy to do so.

That’s all for today, Thanks for reading!


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