Kafura! Kale and Caulifla Fusion, Dragon Ball Super Episode 115


Kafura! Kale and Caulifla Fusion, Dragon Ball Super Episode 115

Howdy Everyone, I got some amazing leaks right here. Dragon Ball Super recently revealed some scans for Episode 115 of Dragon Ball Super. And we will see a fight between Goku and Kafura. Yeah Kafura? It’s never-heard-before kind of name. So, it’s just simple that we might see a new warrior in Dragon Ball Super Episode 115.

There are exactly no possibilities for a new warrior to enter the World of Void. But, there might be someone on the fighting stage who is hidden or will fuse. And, the most logical thing that comes to my mind after hearing the word Kafura is Kale and Caulifla might fuse to make Kafura.

My friend OppaiSenpai (YT channel: AnimeLiveReactions) recently made a video on this thing. I will just leave the link here,

Now, one more thing that comes to my mind about how Caulifla is going to learn fusion is simply because Goku will teach her.

And, why I’m so sure about the fusion is because My another friend @GovetaXV revealed the scans on twitter before anyone.

And, as it is revealed it might be Fusion but If it’s another spelling mistake I’m going to flip a table.

For now, that’s all I knew. Thanks for reading.

Tournament of Power Stats

1.Vegeta is still the Most Valuable player with 9 eliminations followed by Goku, Kale and Master Roshi with 5 ELIMINATIONS and Freiza with 4 of them.

2. Total eliminations are 112. Latest eliminations are Cabba and Monna.

3. Fighters remaining on the stage are 28.

4. Episode 112 took 1 min in Dragon ball world.

5. Time left is 23 min/47.28 taks.


Well, that’s all for today. Thanks for Reading!


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