Where Exactly Is Universe 4’s Invisible warrior ? [Explained]


Location of Universe 4’s Warrior

Howdy boys, I guess you guys are keeping up with Dragon Ball Super. Unfortunately, there’s no episode this week but don’t worry. I’ve got some amazing leaks that might make you hyped. According to the rules in Tournament of Power, each and every team have 10 warriors representing their Universe. However, we saw only 8 warriors from Universe 4, that doesn’t mean they have only 8 warriors (as said by Tien “I can sense a faint presence”). Dragon Ball Super’s staff recently revealed Universe 4’s hidden warrior. And, trust me! he’s said to be the strongest one from Quitela’s Universe.

The Warrior is named as Damom. Also, He has the ability to shrink or get invisible

He appears to be like an insect resembling cicada, short in size, 2 antennas with red eyes. Also, we have seen him in the opening song.You can see him in the image below.


And, the official calendar of Dragon ball Super recently revealed a poster in which we can see this Universe 4’s Warrior named Damom.


  • Invisibility – Through currently unknown means, it can hide his physical appearance from sight, however Tien Shinhan can still sense a faint presence.
  • Dodging techniques – Vanishes and then appears on the ground or in the sky.
  • Body Shedding – Like a real cicada, it can shed its skin, leaving behind an empty husk
  • Self Destruction – A self-destruction technique that Damom uses by waiting for an opponent to attack, and then countering with it.
  • Shrinking – He can shrink to any body size according to his will.

So, The Real Question Where Exactly Is Universe 4’s Invisible warrior.

Goku-Hit Duo warrior

So, As you guys know Damom is having the ability to shrink. And also It’s been mentioned that he is the strongest warrior of Quitela’s Universe so He is also saving his stamina like Jiren. By being with there with another strong warrior of any other universe. Most probably, He is somewhere with Universe 7’s strongest warrior that is Goku. He caught Goku when Goku transformed into Red by seeing his power He came along with Goku to survive for his universe. Also, Goku said at that moment that his body is tingling. So this might could be the reason about his body’s tinglingness as Damom entered the body.

Well, that’s all for today, Thanks for Reading.

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