The Mystery Behind Goku’s New Transformation! : Dragon Ball Super

It’s already been 3-4 weeks, Dragon Ball Super has been releasing and teasing some quick-and-short updates regarding Goku’s New Transformation. There’ve been already a lot theories about How Goku will unleash his power, and what will make Goku Trigger his new Transformation.

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The Shonen Jump magazine is also doing its work hyping up us fans. It is already said, that this form of Goku is much more stronger than the previous ones and is much more stronger than Kaio-ken x 50.

However, while fans are waiting for Goku’s new form to be revealed in the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super, there’s much more about the transformation that hasn’t been completely explored or even defined. While official statements may be hard to come to us by right now, Dragon Ball fans have been hard at work compiling episode spoilers and teases into speculative theories. Now the source for this article speculated a theory regarding this topic, that might hit the bulls-eye now or sooner.

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So what you guys think, We know the secret about Goku’s New Transformation and we can say that it just might be a…

Costly New Power

Recent reports of upcoming Dragon Ball Super episode titles revealed that after the big two-part event where Goku battles Jiren next week (Episode 109 and 110), fans will see Hit step up to fight Jiren in episode 111. At first glimpse, that seems odd: why would Universe 6’s most powerful fighter need to step up to Jiren if Goku is going to unambiguous this all-powerful new form? Well, this is the main base I’m going to take for this theory:

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We know that during his battle with Jiren, Goku will be go SSB and attack with both a Spirit Bomb and Kaio-Ken x50, which still won’t be enough to stop Jiren. Out of that predicament, we will finally see Goku achieving his all-new transformation in order to legitimately start the one-on-one battle with Universe 11’s strongest, Jiren. However, just because Goku unlocks a powerful new form doesn’t mean he’ll automatically achieve victory against Jiren! He will indeed struggle against Jiren. And Hit entering the stage to fight Jiren is the proof of either Goku getting Beaten up or something more tragic that’s going to take place.

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It looks like Goku’s new transformation could leave him more defenseless or wide-open than anyone realizes. By the time he unlocks/reaches it (his full potential) , we know he will have already burned through the energy required for god form, perform a Spirit Bomb, and a enormous Kaio-Ken power-up. The transformation could squeeze out every last of the little strength Goku has left. Other than that, with episode 113 announced as carrying a title like “Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle,” it’s possible that Goku won’t even be able to control the power he demonstrates at first – especially if it is linked to emotion as it has been rumored in the theories.

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If Goku’s transformation leaves him defenseless (wide-open, weak), then it would only follow that fighters like Hit (episode 111) and Vegeta (in episode 112) would have to step in to finish the fight. They may even need to protect Goku until he recovers strength or gets control of his new form.

Repetition of Z

In Dragon Ball Z, Goku tried to use a Spirit Bomb against Freeza only to fail. Freeza then killed both Piccolo and Krillin as a revenge, which caused an emotional trigger that made Goku finally go Super Saiyan. However, even in that new form, Goku wasn’t yet at full power; he held back in order to test Freiza first, and ultimately reached full power for the final showdown with the villain’s final form.

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In Super, we hypothesize that Goku’s new transformation will result from his use of the maximum Kaio-Ken against Jiren. The technique won’t stop the Universe 11 fighter, but it could somehow alter Goku’s ki and level-up his godly powers briefly. The mix of the Kaio-ken x50 and an emotional trigger inspired by Jiren might be enough to alter Goku’s ki, allowing him a powerful power up new Kaio-Ken technique, that indeed comes with high cost.

As stated, while Goku’s new form will be powerful, it could come with serious side effects. The technique’s immeasurable power may be harmful (even disastrous) to the user, like all other Kaio-Ken attacks. For Goku, the results could mean the permanent loss of his god form and ki, or even death.

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Depending on how closely Super follows Z, Goku could take time after his initial transformation to tap into his new power and finish the fight in the Tournament of Power. In a worst-case scenario, the Saiyan’s pivotal blow against Jiren could end in sacrifice, but it would allow his comrades to bring home a win. We’ll find it out next week.


Dragon Ball Super is an ongoing Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation that began airing on July 5, 2015. The anime is a sequel to Toriyama’s original Dragon Ball manga and the Dragon Ball Z television series featuring the first new storyline in 18 years. It is broadcast on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. on Fuji TV.


The Invisible Warrior from Universe 4 [Revealed] : Dragon Ball Super

Howdy Minna, I guess you guys are keeping up with Dragon Ball Super. Unfortunately, there’s no episode this week but don’t worry. I’ve got some amazing leaks that might make you hyped.

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According to the rules in Tournament of Power, each and every team have 10 warriors representing their Universe. However, we saw only 8 warriors from Universe 4, that doesn’t mean they have only 8 warriors (as said by Tien “I can sense a faint presence”)

Dragon Ball Super’s staff recently revealed Universe 4’s hidden warrior. And, trust me! he’s said to be the strongest one from Quitela’s Universe.

The Warrior is named as Damom. 

He appears to be like an insect resembling cicada, short in size, 2 antennas with red eyes. Also, we have seen him in the opening song.You can see him in the image below.

And, the official calendar of Dragon ball Super recently revealed a poster in which we can see this Universe 4’s Warrior named Damom.

The powers and abilities of this warrior is described as:

  • Invisibility – Through currently unknown means, it can hide his physical appearance from sight, however Tien Shinhan can still sense a faint presence.
  • Dodging techniques – Vanishes and then appears on the ground or in the sky.
  • Body Shedding – Like a real cicada, it can shed its skin, leaving behind an empty husk
  • Self Destruction – A self-destruction technique that Damom uses by waiting for an opponent to attack, and then countering with it.

We also have some info on the other warrior who was hidden from the start with Damom, the other warrior is named as Gamisaras, is a cicada insect warrior. 

We do not have any kind of picture of him. we just have a Godpad thumbnail of him.
(Best Quality)

His Abilities and powers are said to be:

  • Invisibility – Through currently unknown means, it can hide his physical appearance from sight, however Tien Shinhan can still sense a slight presence of him.

Well, that’s all for today, Thanks for Reading.

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