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Frieza’s True Intentions in The Tournament of Power

Heya Guys! As we all saw in this week’s episode about Frieza taking on Gohan might happen again but this time it’d be for real. Today, I am here to give you a brief seek about the intentions of Frieza, What’s his aim? What is he really trying to achieve? Check out the complete article to know the answers to the above questions. So, Without any more delay, Let’s start :

Frieza by rmehedi
Frieza by rmehedi

Goku, Who Succeeded in recruiting Frieza as the tenth member of the universe 7 team for the “tournament of power” but, As we all know how he transformed into his Golden Form and mercilessly slaughtered his enemies and after that he betrays Goku and Captures him onto the Energy of Destruction which was given by Sidra .

And itself in that episode, We had seen Frieza to talking to The God Of Destruction of the 9th Universe. So, I am going as per that reference. Now it is indeed confirmed that Frieza will do anything to survive.

Golden Frieza by rmehedi
Golden Frieza by rmehedi

And Yes Don’t Forget, When He was at his full power in this state, Super Saiyan Blue Goku was barely able to land any blows, and only while catching him off-guard. Vegeta was nervous to face him as well (despite having the same power as Goku). It was not until Golden Frieza’s power dropped considerably that Super Saiyan Blue Goku had the advantage. However, even with the evolution’s tremendous power, He does not seem to want to face Beerus, worrying if the God of Destruction were to interfere with his revenge, and it is said by Beerus that if Goku and Vegeta were to fight Golden Frieza together, they would be able to defeat him. The form gained open acknowledgement by even God of Destruction Beerus and his attendant Whis from his tremendous growth in power, and in the anime Goku notes that if Frieza fought seriously he could have potentially killed Goku in an instant. This shows just how much more powerful he has become in this new form.

What is Frieza really trying to Achieve?

Golden Frieza by rmehedi
Golden Frieza by rmehedi

Yes Now I am going to spoil it for you, As per our inside sources, The Main aim of Frieza is to Become A GOD OF DESTRUCTION. Also Whis confirmed that it is possible to kill a God of Destruction using Super Dragon Balls. In The opening of Super Dragon Ball Heroes We all can see clearly that he is the last man standing with Goku against Jiren ( You can watch the video below ). So, And per as According to me, After then he will take over and push Goku over the Stage ( Resulting in the elimination of Goku). And Somehow, After that As we all know (Many theories about it) something fishy is going with the Daishinkan. At that very moment, Frieza will get a chance and will wish to Super Shenron to make him the God of Destruction of the Surviving Universe i.e, Universe 7 and as Frieza” be God then He will also be having the Destruction Ability which he’ll use on Beerus.

Opening of Super Dragon Ball Heroes :

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