The Final Consequence for Goku vs Jiren! [Contain Spoilers]

Howdy Guys, I guess everyone here already watched Dragon Ball Super Episode 108. If not then this blog would work as a spoiler for you guys! So, you should watch the episode first and then come back to this blog.

Goku vs Jiren isn’t the only fight fans are anticipated for. Yes, you guessed it correct! It’s Hit vs Jiren. Indeed, I’m hyped for the fight as well. But there’s something in my mind that have been confusing me since the day when spoilers for Upcoming episodes were revealed.

The official names reveal the titles of episodes 111-113, and they are as follow: (Translated by @Herms98)

  • “Hit vs Jiren”
  • “Vegeta’s Resolve”
  • “Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle”

Each of the episodes listed above will be released after the one-hour special that will feature Goku’s battle with Jiren. And, If the Universe 11 warrior (Jiren) is still around to battle Hit (Episode 111), then it doesn’t look like Goku’s new form was able to beat Jiren during their momentous battle.

We got to see a few examples of Jiren’s power. From reading the block movements of Gods of Destruction to Knocking out Kale from one Ki-blast. And, from Universe 11’s God of Destruction’s brave behavior even after loosing most of the warriors to knocking out an opponent who was someone even Goku had to go Super Saiyan Blue to work around with, and all it took was the movement of one fist of Jiren.

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Other than that, we also got to see the preview of Dragon Ball Super Episode 109, which shows Goku getting beaten.


The Episode is explained as: 

Goku and Jiren’s fierce battle begins!
Son Goku’s eyes are silver…!! What in the world’s going on?!

Witness a shock the like of which has never before before seen in DB history!!! The “Tournament of Power” is heating up!! In this super-anticipated 1-hour special, Goku and the rest of Universe 7 wage a super-fierce battle against Universe 11!! And keep your eyes peeled for something big that’s going to happen to Goku!

Universe 11’s strongest warrior, Jiren, finally goes into action. His power is overwhelming, and though Super Saiyan Blue Goku challenges him by raising Kaio-Ken up to the maximum, it is still of no use. Goku has all of his attacked deflected, and is knocked down. However, a ki never seen before erupts from his body. (Did Goku absorb a spirit bomb??)

According to me, Goku probably fainted or something and that’s when Hit jumps in Goku will probably wake up at the end and continue his battle against Jiren.

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Well, I guess that’s all for today, Thanks for Reading!

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 111: Hit vs Jiren 

Yes, this is the fight I was talking about. Hit vs Jiren will finally occur, and it seems like Hit is pushing himself too hard. Hit is standing no chance against the Almighty-Jiren. We do not know exactly what level Jiren possesses. Furthermore, we do know the level that Hit has. The assassin and leader of the sixth universe have a lower physical level than Goku.

Image result for Hit vs Jiren in Tournament of Power Officially Confirmed!

However, this character controls extremely complex techniques, such as time travel, parallel dimensions and almost an impenetrable defense with which he humiliated Goku in his last combat. Jiren proved to possess a skill that could counteract all of those mentioned above, and that would put Hit in a serious problem.


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