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Vegeta Versus Beerus

Hello Guys, How are you? Yes Guys, there is a big thing which you all had missed while watching the anime. That is the Epic Showdown which happened between Vegeta And Beerus in Manga before Goku went to Zeno’s Planet for discussing Tournament of Power. So, I am here about to give you a brief synopsis about Chapter 27 Of Manga which focuses on Showdown between Vegeta SSB and Beerus. So, without any more delay. Let’s start with the topic.

Vegeta super saiyan blue by Kakarules

So, We all remember that the prince of all Saiyans never left Bulma, disregarding his training during the nine months of pregnancy in the anime, But unlike that In manga, Prince of Saiyans left Bulma pregnant and continued his training. Well, this is the major change. So this is my duty to rebuild and recreate the scene for you guys.

When Vegeta was fighting strongly against Whis, Whis on the other hand does not seem to have problems with him. However, Beerus goes into action due to the words of Oracle Fish about mentioning the saiyans to be his rivals So he decides to fight Vegeta to prove The Oracle Fish wrong. Undoubtedly, this is the most interesting part of the manga, as we see an entertaining battle between Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Beerus, who dominates the fight completely.

Vegeta Goes Super Saiyan God Full power

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The most curious about this chapter was to see Vegeta try to use 100% of the power of the Super Saiyan Blue as Goku did in his fight against Zamasu. Vegeta contains the entire aura of the god state within his body and sets out to attack Beerus, who is in trouble as the prince grows in power. After that, He gives a mighty blow to the God of Destruction. then Beerus grins as it doesn’t affect him much. Then Beerus lands a clear hit which ultimately sends him into Water. Vegeta comes out flying, with completely covered with Blue God Ki around him and goes hard on Beerus.

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However, after a few lethal blows from him, Beerus gets tired and easily defeats Vegeta, proving that his level is still much higher than the power of the 100% power Blue Super Saiyan.

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After this fight, Goku arrives at the planet of Beerus, and the story continues in the same way as in the anime. Goku ignores Beerus’ warnings and decides to go to Zeno’s planet to remind him of the tournament that had been mentioned earlier in the manga. Unlike the anime, Beerus does not try to destroy Goku, but only scolds and warns him without success.

Now what makes me think is that Both manga and Anime are related to each other. However, there are some things that are ignored in the manga and vice versa. But don’t worry, Beerus vs Vegeta is not a thing to get ignored. Later on, we will indeed get to see this fight. For now let us just hope that our Universe will win the Tournament of Power.

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