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Limit of Limit Breaker X

Hey, guys! How are you doing? Today we are going to discuss the Limit of Goku’s New form, i.e, The Limit Breaker X, Fans are also calling that form as Super Saiyan X. So, Let’s start without any more delay.

Goku'Limit Breaker!?' #2 by rmehedi
Goku ‘Limit Breaker by rmehedi

All things we know about Limit Breaker

The name of Goku’s new form might be the long awaited ‘Limit X Breaker’. Goku’s eyes become Silver as he is surrounded by both majestic blue and Purple-red aura, which people said was a combination of the God form and the Blue form. The anime’s 110th episode may force Goku to take on his new form in its final moments. I would bet it will be because of some emotional agitation before it goes on a week-long break.

Goku new form image

Based on the manga, the difference of power between Goku SSB and Beerus is much greater, because Vegeta, who currently possesses a power similar to that of Goku, was humiliated by Beerus in battle as there was still a huge difference of power in a recent chapter. So, As per of Limit Breaker it is confirmed that it’ll surpass the powers of Gods of Destruction. I am saying this because of the new opening song, Read the translations by KenXyro below :

Limit breaker full song

Limit of Limit Breaker

Yes, The limit breaker also have limits, It is been confirmed that Goku is going to surpass Beerus in terms of power but still he got limits which he can’t break, like of the ability of the Hakaishin (God of Destruction) and the powers of an Angel and also if he can’t match angels then there is no chance for him to go face to face against Daishinkan (Grand Priest).

So as per I mentioned above, that is he still can’t surpass the abilities of The Hakaishin, which includes one of the most famous thing or should I say technique that Beerus used to destroy Zamasu following by the keyword HAKAI. So yes, In terms of Power Goku is Going to surpass Beerus and other Gods of Destruction but at the end of the day Goku’ll still be a mortal and as Whis quoted in Episode 69 of Dragon Ball Super, “Ghost or not, It doesn’t matter there is NOTHING which Beerus Sama can’t destroy”, So by this Mr. Akira Toriyama already told us that a God of Destruction would still be on top if it engages in a Do or Die situation against a Saiyan. And also logically, there is a reason why are they called The Gods Of Destruction.

Therefore, In the end, Goku will surpass Beerus only in terms of Power but this doesn’t mean that Goku can kill or destroy Beerus off (or Any other Gods of Destruction).

So, This is all for today guys, Thank You for reading.

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