Strike Witches to Launch 10th Anniversary Project in 2018


Strike Witches to Launch 10th Anniversary Project in 2018

On Saturday, August 19, 2017, in Tokyo, Differ Ariake, the event of TV anime “Brave Witches” “Deking with everyone! Fes” is a two-part system in the day and the night It was held. This time, I will mainly report the day section.

At the stage, casts of the 502 unit combat battle flight team, excluding Murakawa Rikko with “another mission”, gathered. In addition, Mr. Kadowaki Mai, Mr. Ohashi Ohashi from the 501 Unified Combat Air Corps, Ayako Ishida singing the theme song of “Strike Witches” series entered.

Before the performance, the narration of notes by the members of the 502 troops flowed to the venue. The day part was Nipah and Sasha, the night part was a comical trade with Krupsky and Rothman, the venue was exciting from before the start.

And it was the screen image of ‘Brave Witches’ OP on the scene of the darkened venue. There Ms. Ishida Yuko appeared there, singing “Ashinano Tsubasa”, and the tension in the place reached Max from the bat.

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After that, when the performers are on stage, unfortunately video messages from Mr. Murakawa who did not come will arrive. The contents are exactly the same as the Murakawa clause. Express a feeling with a rare gesture gesture, invite the laughter of the venue with a unique dialogue. In a message that is about to end, Iziri ‘s word with love “long (haha)” pops out from the stage.

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On this day “Mondeki”, the song was the main stage. Appeared in the top batter, Kaoru Kakuma and Mr. Suemuki Hisashi. They seem to be “sisters” and those who appeared on the stage with similar coordination will sing “colorful life”. The next show was “Peace Maker”. Continue to shake the wing end lights pen light to the masterpieces of luxurious composition sung by Mr. Natsumi Takamori, Mr. Kashiro Ishida and Mr. Murakawa as substitute for Mr. Murakawa.

The next song is in a relaxed atmosphere. “Adult team” of 502 troops sings “Moonlight Trip”. The fans filled with singing voice of Mr. Rina Sato, Yumi Igarashi, Yumi Hara echoing in response to a Moody melody got drunk. In addition, the fans’ grinning will not stop with the performance of the stable combination of “Swish Duet” by Mr. Kadowaki Mai and Michio Ohashi, Mr. Haruka Terui and Mizutani Masuzu “Wish Crystal”.

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Mr. Kakuma and Mr. Susumu who appeared again sang “Brave Heart”, Mr. Sato and Kayo Ishida sing “Dear My Freja”. While excitedly cool, Yuko Ishida sang the OP theme “I can do it” of TV animation “Strike Witches” and further raised the tension of the venue.

Also, in the night part, Kadowaki and Ohashi’s new song “HOMELAND”, Igarashi and Kanai Ishida’s “Heart” were added. The venue was exciting for a nice surprise.

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A serious announcement will be made at the climax where performers are on stage. In 2018, in commemoration of 10 years since the broadcast of “Strike Witches”, a decision to start “10th anniversary project” was announced. The venue responded cheerfully to the order of “Stand by another alma de”.

Last to the ending of excitement with “Little Wing ~ Spirit of LINDBERG ~” by all performers. As further expectations for the 10th anniversary are rising, today’s “mission” has ended.

You can check out the official website here.



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