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Dragon Ball FighterZ

Hey, Guys! How are you doing? We all love Dragon Ball Super, But here is something much more interesting for you all! It is really surprising that it took so long for a game like Dragon Ball FighterZ to be made. The success of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse showed that if you combine a fun premise with a solid storyline, fans would love to play it and sing its praises. So, I think now you have an idea what am I talking about.

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The build we have to play now didn’t have all the characters that were recently announced like of the Blue SSJ Vegeta and Goku, but it did have Androids 16 and 18, Trunks, Krillin, Piccolo, and a whole host of new backgrounds. While the recently revealed story mode wasn’t available, I did get a fair bit of time to play around with the game… or, at least, I tried to. It’s a bit hard to really get an in-depth grasp on complex fighting game systems when you’re both limited on time and fighting against a bunch of other people of wildly disparate skill levels.

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At the very least, I can say that Dragon Ball FighterZ definitely delivers on reality: systems you know quite closely with for other tag-based and anime-style fighting games, like bursts, air-dashes, team supers, and the like are all here, but tweaked just a little to give them that distinctly Dragon Ball feel. You don’t just air dash, you soar while neon-yellow energy surges around you. Your escape is an “instant transmission” that uses a bar of super meter and zaps you behind your foe in classic DB style. Strikes and attacks are accentuated with detailed visual flourishes that make them — and, by extension, you — feel incredibly powerful, yet every battle feels like a challenge. And even at this early stage, it’s easy to see that characters are going to play very differently from each other, allowing for some clever strategy in team creation.

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It doesn’t matter how big of a DBZ fan you are, there’s a lot of things to appreciate here: the gameplay and Saiyan Attitude fighting, the incredible, attentiveness to the detail of the graphics, and just the sheer spectacle of it all. So by This we can easily say that this is the best Dragon Ball game (or perhaps the best anime-based fighting game) ever made.

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