Toppo To Take Vegeta With Him

Hey guys, How are you doing? So, I am here with another blog about Dragon Ball Super. Long time, isn’t? Well, I was busy finding content and analyzing all Dragon Ball Super Episodes. But for now, I’m here again. So, Without any more delays, let’s start with today’s topic that is “Toppo V/S Vegeta”.

Toppo - Dragon Ball Super Fanart [Ep. 82] by TomislavArtz
toppo by tomislavartz
So, Before coming to the topic of Toppo vs Vegeta, I would like to remind you all about the fight that Goku and Toppo had. We all remember when Toppo grabs Goku into a “Rear Naked Choke”. It looked like pretty much like a bear-hug and Toppo promises to not let go until Goku’s bones crack.

Goku managed to break free from Toppo’s grip by turning into Super Saiyan Blue. The fight goes at a really fast pace now as the two speed around the fighting arena. The Zeno-Ohs seem to be really impressed with what they see.

Goku Kamehameha Pose by rmehedi
Goku Kamehameha Pose by rmehedi

Goku then does a mega Kamehameha in the SSB form and blasts Toppo in the face. Beerus and Whis think Goku has gone too far and killed Toppo. But, Toppo was still standing which was very impressive. Goku powers up to Kaio-Ken. And then Grand Priest interfered and stopped the fight.

So my real intentions by this is to give you a little clear scene about Toppo’s Power Level which is near to the SSB form or a little hundred more than that. But as per going by the latest interview, Akira Toriyama stated that Vegeta is far more powerful than Goku in SSB form. Which ultimately gives Vegeta an upper-hand over Toppo. So as Vegeta vs Toppo is next on cards we can expect another fierce battle between these two.

Vegeta Galick Gun by rmehedi
Vegta by rmehedi

And so now coming to the topic, There is a theory that states that Vegeta would dominate Toppo pretty easily, but when Vegeta is on the verge of eliminating Toppo, Dyspo will push Vegeta towards Toppo and Toppo will jump off the stage but as we all know that the Great Saiyan Prince never lets his guard down, So he will shoot a well directed KI blast towards Dyspo and will take Toppo and Dyspo with him. Hence, It will result in a Triple Elimination.

And I think it will be a great way to bid farewell to Vegeta in Tournament of Power, rather witnessing him to get eliminated by Jiren or Hit. So, What do you guys think? Tell us in comments.

Hit and Jiren by tomislavartz

That’s All for today, Thanks for Reading guys.

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