Dragon Ball Super : Annihilation of Master Roshi


Annihilation of Master Roshi

Whats up guys? I’m here with some sort of explanation of Episode 105 and I am gonna do the breakdown about Annihilation of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball Super Episode 105. So without anymore further delays let us start with today’s topic. What you guys think, Why Master Roshi will get annihilated ? So, Here is your answer :

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Anyways, as there was mentioned in the title of Episode, Master Roshi is going to attempt a huge attack as he takes a shot at erasing Universe 4 which will not follow the rules of tournament . What could they mean by Roshi possibly sacrificing his life in the process? Given that Goku narrates “ Are you going to risk your life to pull off that Big Attack? Don’t Master Roshi, Don’t Die’. So, this is clearly implying it’s going to be Roshi’s own attack which will possess the risk to him? So for now,I am going to tell you what would really happen.

So , As going by Master Roshi is going to attempt a huge attack as he takes a shot at erasing Universe 4. This only means that he is going to use Mafuba : The Evil Containment Wave which will require a container , So as per going by the rules of tournament power , They can’t use anything except their techniques and as per for Mafuba a container is required So as when he would be performing Mafuba, Daishinkan will interrupt and disqualify Master Roshi and unfortunately this’ll result in annihilation of Master Roshi.

And Another main possibility is, Caway has a great Seductive technique which she uses normally, but when she uses it on Roshi, his pervert side will come out and she will be taken off guard by how extreme Roshi can go. In this scene it looks Roshi is getting ready to do some grabbing. So, that’s like the fun part of the next episode will Roshi be able to control himself? What Roshi has done up till now has been impressive too, like he didn’t make any shady move on Caulifla or Kale something he would usually.

Roshi trained with Puar to bring his desires under control, and It would be cool if he was actually able to fight it through, but I don’t know, I think Roshi might actually have to pay the price for this silly reason. Because he does feel like a different character when he is not doing those stuff, so they might take Roshi out in a comedic way and revive who he is originally. I personally am hoping that Master Roshi last a bit longer, because I think he is one of the finest fighter to watch, and I am not kidding. They have implied that Roshi is seriously strong now, even in pre-tournament the way he dominated Tien and even fought Goku was impressive.

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Going by that, he should be surviving longer than Tien, but pre-tournament portrayals means nothing since going by that Krillin was supposed to do way better. So, since the episode mentions so much of Roshi, So ultimately this result in annihilation of Master Roshi will get eliminated in 105.

So,That’s all I have for Today, Thanks for Reading!

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