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Jiren : The Strongest Mortal

Hi guys. Its been a long time. So, How are you ? Anyways, I am here to tell you about the mortal which was mentioned by Whis in Episode Number 93. So, without any more delays let us start with the proofs I have for Jiren being the strongest mortal who can level the power of most of the God Of Destruction’. Yes, I wrote “most of the God of Destruction” as Whis Stated, ” There is a Universe where lives a mortal even a God of Destruction can’t defeat “(potraying Beerus as the God of Destruction here). And as we all know There was a confirmation list from TOEI about Beerus being the Third Strongest God of destruction (Behind Gene and Vermoud). So, without any more delay Let’s start :

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Stronger than Beerus?

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So as to start, everyone is trying to figure out who this mortal could be who has powers that exceed those of the Lords of destruction.

Whis mentions that this character will participate in the tournament of strength, meaning that we at least have an idea that they will be found in one of the eight participating universes.


Goku vs Jiren #2 by rmehedi

Jiren is someone who comes to everyone’s mind, the Warrior who rose from the ashes itself, the gray fighter of the eleventh universe. The reason is that he has appeared very little in the series, and each time he has, there has been great mystery surrounding this character, and so it’s immediately clear that this warrior will give us lots to talk about. But will Jiren really be the one who exceeds the level of the powerful gods? So , Here is your answer .

At this point in time, Goku has the ability to use instant-transmission and KKx10. He has fought Beerus (God of destruction) multiple times and knows how fast he is. Merged Zamazu is the only other villain to have matched such speed feats against Goku.

Here is the interesting part: At this point, Goku also has the ability to sense even TIME-SKIP from Hit. To an extent, Goku can predict where opponents will be, simply because hes so fast. What happened in this episode was that Goku was looking right at Jiren (who had his back turned to Goku), and Goku couldn’t sense that he was behind him until he started speaking. At this point, I’m almost certain “the mortal who is stronger than his god of destruction” is Jiren.

Calling it now: Jiren can see a few seconds into the future.

I feel like he has mastered his mental capabilities and combined it with his physical prowess. Definitely the most potential to be introduced since the original Freeza arc.

The Pride Troopers PNG by DavidBksAndrade

Also, In the latest episode we witnessed a sequence between Vermoud and his Supreme Kai , In that they were looking completely calm and composed. As they are still left with Jiren, Toppo and Dyspo. And also we have witnessed earlier, that Toppo is going to be the Next God of Destruction of Universe 11. So, This means Toppo might also level the power level of Vermoud which is the current God Of Destruction and as we all know Toppo said that Jiren is the strongest guy in their Universe. So Jiren should be the Strongest Mortal who can defeat most of the Gods Of Destruction (except Ginn : God of Destruction of the Twelth Universe) .

Well, that’s all for Today! Thanks for Reading. Comment down your opinions.

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