Dragon Ball Super : Frost’s New Form !!?


Will we ever Get to See Frost’s New Form ? 

Hey Guys ! Its been almost affirmed that Frost is going for Golden in Tournament of Power , most probably it would be in Episode 108, where he will fight against Frieza who is of same species as of Frost.

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As we all know , He comes from Frieza’s race hence they look very much same even when achieving certain forms of their powers , as we’d seen earlier in Universe 6 vs Universe 7 arc . Each universe that has been forced to join the Tournament of Power is keen on surviving so even Universe 6, who has characters similar to Universe 7 whether they are namekians or saiyans or humans (Resurrected by Beerus using Super Dragon Balls) or as of Frost , will still reach out to villains as long as they are powerful and able to win the Tournament of Power. He has been known to use sneaky tactics to attack and defeat his opponents but with the Omni King’s rule of not using weapons, Frost will have to rely on his own power.

As mentioned above, Frost has been in hiding for a while and this is most likely because he has been dedicating time to unlock and achieve his Golden Form, which is a very powerful transformation that takes a toll on the body as a side effect, just like Freiza. Frost needs to be stronger than the last time he appeared in order to go against not just Goku, but more than 60 opponents as well. Since the Universe 6 Saga, the warriors from Universe 6 have already shown utmost improvement in their skills, making fans anticipate Frost’s return and how strong he got.

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And most importantly we know that Akira Toriyama is giving new forms to almost everyone as per taking by the example of maidens of Universe 2 , Caulifla’s SSJ 2 , The Berserk’s Form to Kale and most importantly The Perfect God form to Goku .

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Also, earlier Hit have already spoiled that for us like as of in earlier episodes of Tournament of Power , When Hit encountered Frost , He quoted ” You’ve grown a lot Stronger ” which only means in resulting in the Golden form as we’d already seen, that the form which is powerful than the Final form (4th form) of Frieza is the Golden Form . So , As per going by the same logic as they both are from same race, The form which led Frost to become stronger than his 4th form is The Golden Form.

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