Dragon Ball Super : Extended Spoilers of Episode 104


Extended Spoilers of Episode 104

Whats up guys! How are you ? Today, I’m here with the Official and extended spoilers of episode 104 of Dragon Ball Super. All the information written below is 100% legit and confirmed by TOEI themselves. And, If you don’t like Spoilers you might as well turn back now! Now without anymore delay lets begin :

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104

Dragon Ball Super Spoilers Episode 103 Episode 104 Gohan vs Universe 10 Hit and Goku

Title: A Faster-Than-Light Battle begins! Goku and Hit’s Joint front! 

Release Date: August 20, 2017

Synopsis: Goku and Hit form the Mightiest tag team?! Contestants continue to be eliminated in The Tournament of Power! In the middle of all this, Goku helps out Hit, who’s at a disadvantage against Universe 11.

Battle between Dyspo of Pride Toopers from Universe 11 and Hit of Universe 6 begins, Hit’s movements are blocked because of Dyspo’s Light Bullets, I wonder how would Dyspo be able to stand in front of Hit let alone putting him in a tight spot. And battle is looking very one sided for Dyspo as he overpowers Hit, And hit was on the verge of getting eliminated but Goku who was watching this happen, turns into Super Saiyan God (Red Form), stands before Dyspo while countering his attack and says “My Body is Throbbing”.

Goku turns and enroll towards dyspo while Hit is covering Goku up. And suddenly Jiren engages, out of nowhere following with a large energy blast.


Even then, many fans are claiming that this was a typing mistake and we will be seeing Blue Form in place of Red form. However, Toshio Yoshitaka, who is one of the writer of Dragon Ball Super Episode 104, confirmed that we will be indeed seeing Red Form and also we witnessed the red form in the preview of Episode 104.

Goku Saving Hit By turning into Super Saiyan Red

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