Super Saiyan God Blue Versus Super Saiyan God Red


Super Saiyan God Blue Versus Super Saiyan God Red

Hey Guys ! Its been confirmed that Goku is going to go Super Saiyan God again in Dragon Ball Super , most probably it would be in Episode 104 where he will fight with Hit speculated against Jiren. So yes, I am completely sure that Super Saiyan Blue has more enhanced Ki control and strength but , do Strength and KI control are the only factors which should be included in power level ? Well , Lets explain it :

Battle of the godsResurrection

Picture Credits to Rmehedi ( Goku Saiyan Blue , Red & Beerus )

There’s been talk in the community on which of these transformations is stronger, naturally most of them are saying that the SSB is stronger as it came after the Super Saiyan God transformation which is completely true but as per according to me I have a different outlook on this transformation..

SSG is the transformation that has surpassed Super Saiyan 3 and its predecessors before it. This transformation is obtained through a ritual of six righteous saiyans who have come together to share their Ki with one saiyan and turn that saiyan into a Super Saiyan God.

In the anime too, it has been told more than just once that Super Saiyan is harsh on the body, though there is no such heavy loss of energy to switch between forms but the God (Red) form would logically be a better choice for the long fight, given it is definitely stronger than any of the yellow transformation and as it is less powerful than the Blue form, wouldn’t it be a better pick for fighting fatal fighters?

Dragon Ball Super- A mortal stronger than Gods

It might be a debatable to ask Which is stronger for longer fights, The Blue or Red, but think about this, Why would the red form ever come back if it was not capable enough? Goku would be using it against Dyspo, who has the speciality of super speed (stated in earlier episodes) , the level of speed which could actually challenge Hit’s time skip, could this mean Red is faster than Blue too, as it doesn’t affect the stamina much . That makes complete sense , the Blue form gives you strength but at the cost of speed and stamina. And most importantly , Earlier we have witnessed that SSG have healing capabilities too which ultimately gives Red a hand over Blue for long fights.

And for short fights , It has been proven in Manga too that SSB is little more powerful then SSG as SSB is Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan .

Also, This might be the scene which we are going to witness in Episode 104, Have a look :

Goku and Hit Teaming Up by rmehedi
Goku and Hit Teaming Up by rmehedi


So , This is all for today guys ! Thanks for reading.
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