One Piece : Roger’s Sister is Luffy’s Mother !?


Roger’s Sister is Luffy’s Mother

Hey guys ! Today I am here with another interesting theory but this time it is about One Piece. Well as we all know, Eichiro Oda always had a thing for mothers xD . I know this is a daring statement, but lets think about it for some time. Mothers of most of the characters in One Piece are either dead or we dont know where they are, which will possibly result by getting them killed in a random flashback . And , Moreover We don’t even know Who is Luffy’s Mother. Lets see what possibilities we have about this matter. So, without anymore delay lets get going with the article .

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I surfed out the web to get or read as many theories and ideas as I can , and I believe this that this is the best one which exists out there.

Firstly , many people out there have stated that Luffy resembles Roger a bit. He’s not his son , so how can that be even possible ? They look real alike in most of the aspects, and have a really similar attitude in any situation. This theory says that Luffy is the son of Roger’s little sister. That girl was the one for Monkey D Dragon.

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When Luffy’s mother was about to complete the birth cycle, Dragon was already setting his plans of the revolutionary army. That is when the World Government decided to arrest his family. And the person who most probably could lead them to Dragon was his lady.

However, she wasn’t arrogant about all of that. She already saw it coming, so she decided to take action to save her child i.e, Luffy. And that was the reason Luffy was given to Garp to take care of. Who could be the better choice than him as he was one of the most well respected Marines.

Another possibility is that something happened to her and Dragon was the one who gave Luffy to Garp, before he left to organize his revolutionary army. Either way, the question is, what happened to Luffy’s mother/Roger’s little sister?

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Luffy’s Mother

There are some possibilites here. She could have been killed by the World Government. She could still be with Dragon undercover. Or she could have been caught, to be interrogated. What if she somehow escaped custody? If this has happened, she probably is staying undercover in a far away island, or with her man Dragon, or maybe vagabonding around the world. She could even be a pirate who knows.

Well, that was about it for today’s post. Do you think we came close to answering Who is Luffy’s Mother ? Thanks for reading guys and you can give your theories in comments. Till then , Adios.

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