History of Android 17 : Dragon Ball Super

android 17 and uub

History of Android 17

Hey Guys ! Today I am here to tell you about History of Android 17 in Brief.. Many of us have many questions about him. So, Today I am going to give you a quick tour about his history ( from The Cell Saga to his re-appearance as a Ranger in Dragon Ball Super). Now, Lets start without any more delay..

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First of all , What happened To Android 17 After The Cell Saga?

I remember Krillin wishing the explosives to be removed from the androids at Kame’s look out and then 17 flew off. But where dud he go afterwards? I don’t remember them ever mentioning him again but 18 had a stable role the rest of the series. Although I think I do remember him having a small cameo in the Buu saga robbing someone you can check below :

After That he wasn’t seen until Dragon Ball Super Universe Survival Saga,
In that discloses He works for a wildlife reserve, spending the days protecting animals on the island while fighting off poachers wanting to capture them, along with a rare Minotaurus, who 17 believes is the last of its kind.

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But where he was until Goku finds him ? So , Here is a sensible answer to that question which a Dragon Ball Super Story writer gave in an interview which isn’t official as there is not any confirmation from TOEI yet.

Android 17 and his wife
Android 17 and His Wife (Fanmade)

Android 17 Robbed two guys in Buu Saga and then he robbed a bank and did other crimes too, After some years repeating the same instances , He felt that there is no aim left for him while remembering his Destruction of Android 17 days , He then at the same moment saw an animal being harassed by some poachers and helped that animal to get rid of them . So, As that Animal felt safe with 17 he showed him some love which nobody did until that day. Then He decided to be a ranger to protect the animals . All of a sudden , He is a new and improved man and then he joined a job for being a ranger to animals and as years passed he became stronger and stronger. And as in the Episode ” While having coffee and a small talk, 17 tells Goku about his family, and mentions that he met his wife during his days in his job, and had 1 child with her and adopted 2 others who literally are very strong.”

UUB, Son of Android 17 ?

Fans are seeing one of them is UUB! It could be possible as UUB is from some tribe or maybe found him on some island while ranging. That would explain the origin of UUB. So, this is how fans who want him to be son of 17 are seeing this.

This is really cool , but guys is it logical at all? Is it possible what do you think?

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Well, as you know Dragon Ball Super is filling the gap before the last episode of DBZ that took place about after 10 years of the defeat of Buu. And through that we know some basic information about UUB. He was from a poor village , He was simply fighting for money, But from the dragon ball super’s episode that Android 17 earns a handsome amount of money . So, There’s no way his adopted Kid would be in that condition. Also, when he fought Goku it  was clear that even though he is talented, he was a noob . You really think that would be the case, if he was 17’s son? Besides, if UUB was indeed 17’s son, I think that Dende would reveal that too.

So, if you think about these facts, It is just not possible.

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However, there’s one way it could logically take place, Only if Akira wants.. As He can re-write the ending of Dragon Ball Z and can telecast it on upcoming Episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

Thanks for reading guys. That is all for today.
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