Namekians of Universe 6 Revealed

Hey Guys ! Every single day for the past few days , We are getting internet breaking news for Dragon Ball Super from new characters to new transformations. And now, We have all the warriors of Universe Six. So, As from the topic of the article, you should have known that they are Namekians which are from Namek of Universe 6.

Warriors including Namekians
Warriors of U6

And we have information in right front of you guys . This is Insane . Few hours ago I was active on Twitter , When I saw that, Erren Van duine just gave us the proof that we needed for the discoverance of the two new warriors of Universe 6.

Let’s dug out the information we have as the leak. The two mystery warriors who were shadowed out, they have now been revealed .They seem shady and aggressive by their looks, I am pretty sure that Saoneru will be using speed as his major power and Piriana will be using his strength. They both might can fuse and can form a Powerful Unbeatable Namek Lord. As there is a thing going in Dragon Ball super that the next warrior should be more powerful and better than the last one. So , we can assume that they can form a Large Namek Lord to overpower Piccolo and this will push him to the extent of his power.

We know that Universe 6 and universe 7 are counter part of each other, there are Saiyans , Humans , Frost and it seems they both are different universes with pretty same timeline events.

So this could mean that Namekians of Universe 6 are still evil? There is a fair possibility that they could be equivalent to King Piccolo.

There is also a rumor that there is a powerful Namekian from Universe 6, which in turn has a transformation of some kind. That way they can somewhat have a way to repay back Universe 7 (for teaching cabba Super Saiyan) by helping piccolo to learn the transformation, which would also make him relevant again to some extent. And which will help against the Show off between frost and Piccolo in upcoming episodes.

Image result for piccolo

And there is also a character named Dr. Rota at last. Lets see what he can do. I am personally expecting something nerdy out of him. Lets see what Mr. Toriyama has decided for that character.

But for now, We all are looking for the team up between Goku and Hit in Episode 104. Lets hope for the best.

This is it for Today Guys. Thanks for reading.

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